[BUG] Wings join cells giving them bad rating please fix.

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[BUG] Wings join cells giving them bad rating please fix.

Postby NorthWestTrees » Tue Sep 19, 2017 5:48 am

I have noticed that after you make the cells or dormitories, they become one big massive block but they don't count as individual rooms, this leads to bad room rating even if you have 1 TV per room, keep it clean etc. it's annoying because I have a lot of cells below average rating because of this problem also their staff room is not a cafeteria its a staff room that could be fixed to if you have time but it still works unlike the room quality. oh and having large cell blocks like this with over 24 prisoners can lead to some really bad riots, just saying it's a large problem for something that could be fixed so the game is more playable after 50 days in-game before every inmate has enuff...

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