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instant building

Postby defyinggravitytoo » Mon Aug 21, 2017 9:39 pm

hi everyone !!

I love playing PA and enjoy playing in sandbox mode but something is starting to annoy me and i wondered if anyone knew a solution to fix it.
I like that you can apply instant building/construction but its so annoying that once its built instantly you still receive all the stuff on delivery that would
have originally have been used by the work men to build what ever it was you built. does anyone know if there is a way to stop it all been delivered or if you can edit something
in the files to stop delivery trucks from spawning. its frustrating enough that you have to click every item individually to delete it so this isn't an option when you have a hundred
things to dump once its been unpacked from the delivery.

if anyone could help id be for ever grateful!

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