Game freezes on startup

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Game freezes on startup

Postby bazel3 » Tue Jul 25, 2017 8:03 am

I have windows 10 and running amd hardware. I have ran it in compatibility mode, made sure I don't have, updated windows and all my drivers, uninstalled and re-installed at least 5 times, and nothing works. I play this while steam is online and in offline mode. I got it to work once after opening and closing it a lot of times. The game worked perfectly for a couple hours, I exited out and shut down my computer. When I tried the next day I ran into the same problem and have yet to get it to work again since then. Please help. I absolutely love this game and would love to keep playing.

Debug log

update-12b pc steam compiled 14:11:04, Jul 3 2017
Steam Breakpad Build Id: 3001202
Loading Preferences from C:\Users\Henry\AppData\Local/Introversion/Prison Architect/preferences.txt
BEGIN DataRegistry DUMP:
ScreenW [int] 0
ScreenH [int] 0
ScreenWindowed [bool] 0
ScreenHighDPI [bool] 0
ScreenMultiSampled [bool] 0
ScreenSuperSampled [bool] 0
SoundMixFrequency [int] 22050
SoundVolume [int] 255
SoundSwapStereo [bool] 0
SoundEnableDsp [bool] 1
RenderRooms [bool] 1
RecentMap [string]
FirstTime [bool] 0
AutoSaveTimer [int] 10
HardwareCompat [int] 0
LastKnownVersion [string] none
FlashMobYear [int] 0
RegistrationShown [bool] 0
TimeLapseCamera [int] 0
TimeLapseInterval [int] 1
TimeLapseFPSNumerator [int] 24
TimeLapseFPSDenominator [int] 1
TimeLapseQuality [int] 63
Mods [string]
LastSubCheck [int] 0
UiScale [float] 1.00
EnabledVBOs [bool] 0
ForumId [int] 0
SteamUser [bool] 0
V2Gui [bool] 1
ZoomToMouse [bool] 1
OneClickRapsheet [bool] 1
ClockType [int] 0
DisableAnalytics [bool] 1
MotdId [string]
NameInGameHash [string]
LoadCJKFonts [bool] 1
Language [string] english
TempInC [bool] 1
END DataRegistry DUMP:
WindowManager attempting to create window at 1280x720 windowed
OpenGL Vendor : NVIDIA Corporation
OpenGL Renderer : GeForce GTX 960/PCIe/SSE2
OpenGL Version : 4.5.0 NVIDIA 384.94
Windows 8.1 Per-monitor DPI reported: 96 x 96
Parsing archive main.dat...
Parsing archive at path 'main.dat'
Parsing archive sounds.dat...
Parsing archive at path 'sounds.dat'
Using Native Win32 Condition Variables
Compiled with libpng libpng version 1.6.19 - November 12, 2015
(Running with version 1.6.29)
libpng error: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile
OpenGL using glGenerateMipmaps to generate mipmaps.
Loading user sprite images for path: data/sprites.png
Failed to get sprites.png for data/sprites.png
WARNING: Gfx chip does not support 2048x2048 textures (max size 16384) (or safe mode set). Scaling graphics down.
Object spritebank composite took 911ms
Warning: Loading a very high res image (2688x128)
Warning: mipmaps requested for non-power-of-two image (2688x128), will break on OpenGL ES
libpng error: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile
[SteamWrapper] SteamAPI is initialised.
[SteamAchievementsWrapper] Steam user is not logged on. Can not use Steam Achievements
[SteamInventoryWrapper::Init] Failed to get item definition array size
[SteamWorkshopWrapper::ListPublishedFiles] Listing published files from index 0
Parsing archive collectables.dat...
Parsing archive at path 'collectables.dat'
BiographyGenerator reading bios...
BiographyGenerator read 27 fornames, 235 surnames, 48 crimes
BiographyGenerator reading Names in the Game...
BiographyGenerator read 26778 Names in the Game (including 83 Faces in the game)
Curl version libcurl/7.46.0
MessageQueue HTTPThread (27AFC150) running.
Initialising SDL Audio:
Frequency: 22050
Format: 32784
Channels: 2
Samples: 512
Size of Stereo Sample: 4
SoundSystem started : 22050Hz x 64 sound channels (including 8 music channels)
Requesting message-of-the-day...
Detected encoding UTF8 for file data/language/fullgame.txt
Loaded in 748 strings
Detected encoding UTF8 for file data/language/base-language.txt
Loaded in 3675 strings
Couldn't open unicode hyphenation file data/language/hyphenations.txt
Warning: Failed to load BMFont font data/fonts/verdana-bold.fnt
Warning: Failed to load BMFont font data/fonts/verdana-bold-outlined.fnt
Fonts loaded in 271ms
Loading page 0 of bitmap font data/fonts/catalogue.fnt.
== NEW MAP ===
World Initialised to size 100 x 80 cells
MaterialLibrary reading from 'data/materials.txt'
ReformProgramManager reading from data/reform_programs.txt...
DataRegistry Warning : Failed to match enum value 'calming'
GridRoutingSystem(271E80B0) constructed.
Grid Navigation System initialised
GridRoutingSystem created Route Work-In-Progress and CellInfo (size 562Kb)
EscapeMap Initialised : 62Kb
Lightmap initialised in 5ms : 93Kb
Weathermap initialised in 0ms : 187Kb
Danger initialised : 62Kb
Patrol System Initialised : 218Kb
libpng error: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile
Gang System Initialised
Water System Initialised : 593Kb
PowerSystem initialised : 62Kb
Reading production.txt...
PolaroidSystem has 177 polaroids in the database
ScriptSystem initialised in 0ms
Parsing LUA script 'data/grants.lua'
ConstructionSystem reading from 'data/prefabs.txt'
ERROR : Failed to load job file 'data/jobs.txt'
Generating new world...
Create starting world done...
Saving Preferences to C:\Users\Henry\AppData\Local/Introversion/Prison Architect/preferences.txt
Save successful!
FoodSystem Recalculate took 0.0ms
UpdateNITG: Latest nitg is 10525443 bytes long with ETag "a09b03-5551e406c1fc9"

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