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Staff (guard) sectors

Postby Trumbettoo » Mon Jan 30, 2017 1:05 pm

Now that staff members also have need, could it be possible to make new feature in deployment tab to assign guards in specific sector and have them never leave that area. You could designate your specific number that should be stationed there.

I've noticed in my fairly large prison that guards escort some (same level) inmates to whole different wing for solitary or parole hearing despite nearby location. Guards switching for door control and replacement is coming for far far away wing. CCTV monitoring stations also have this problem. Now with the introduction of food need, you could select staff room for that sector only and guards stationed there would only use that one for chosen sector and would not lose time getting into wrong one. This should be expanded for guard dogs also so proper kennels are used when they are switching patrols. Add armed guards too. As of right now, it's not very efficient to say at least.

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