How to deal with psychopathic gang leaders?

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How to deal with psychopathic gang leaders?

Postby Premu » Mon Dec 19, 2016 12:21 am

In general, I don't have trouble keeping the peace in my prison by separating the prisoners and providing enough guards.

Gang leaders on the other hand are tricky. They often tick out for nothing and go into a killing rage. And putting them into solitary or any other punishment will set the danger level to the maximum value.

I tried to solve the problem by assigning them to a single, rather comfortable cell with their own personal canteen, surrounded by armed guards for now. They can only leave their cell twice a day for eating. Optimally, I'd like them to have no direct contact to any other person at all, as they are often very lethal and can easily kill any guard if they get in range. And sometimes they may simply freak out and kill a janitor who tries to clean their cell.

I tried to construct a cell with remote doors with different timers, but that just leads to completely confused AI janitors and cooks which try to enter a locked room. So has anyone managed to create a layout which can really hold these crazy guys without them killing random persons every few years. Or is the "Edgar Allen Poe" method the only way to deal with such psychos?

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