(Suggestion) Cell Block Wings

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(Suggestion) Cell Block Wings

Postby eider » Tue Apr 12, 2016 3:49 am

I had the idea of being able to allocate dedicated Cell Blocks to the Prison. So think Cell Block H, for example.

What this would bring to the table is the ability to lock down Prison wings instead of the entire Prison. So instead of having one Icon to lock the whole prison, you mouse over and get presented with a list of Cell Wings that you have pre-assigned. If a riot is going off in Cell Block H (for example), mouse over the Lockdown Icon and shut down only Cell Block H. If you need to shut down more then you can do so; and simply clicking on the Icon still shuts down the whole prison.

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Re: (Suggestion) Cell Block Wings

Postby Navarro » Tue Apr 12, 2016 9:41 am

I've thought something similar. It'd be nice to be able to assign schedules to specific blocks in the same way we can presently assign schedules to each classification level. That way you could have A-Dorm or A-Block go walk the yard for an hour, then have B-Dorm or B-Block walk it the next. If you're running a single classification facility like I often do, why would I wish to send the entire institution to the yard at the same time? Nah, let's send each unit to the yard one at a time, and do everything else individually too. Imagine the effectiveness of constantly operating laundry, mail rooms, workshops and so forth. If you're currently working you inmates eight hours per day, you could get quadruple the work done.

On a related note, it'd be nice if inmates could develop reputations with regard to other specific inmates. Maybe they've fought before, for instance. Maybe they just don't like one another, and thus may fight. Instead of placing one of those inmates in PC or reclassifying one, it'd be nice to be capable to assigning them to specific units, and then scheduling those units to stay away from one another. Think of the added realism and intrigue such things could bring to the game, and I imagine they wouldn't be difficult to implement either.
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Re: (Suggestion) Cell Block Wings

Postby goodvibesman » Tue Apr 12, 2016 1:10 pm

Big yes.
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Re: (Suggestion) Cell Block Wings

Postby murgh » Wed Apr 13, 2016 10:00 am

Well it's not entirely impossible to create cell blocks. Simply use the Numbers mod so you can label the area's of your prison, and create a little staffroom where you plant labelled power switches for each cell block. Wire all strategic door servos of a cell block to a logic bridge for that block and connect it to a power switch in the staffroom. Ok, it won't initialize a lockdown where prisoners will automatically return to their cell block, but at least it gives the opportunity to lock down certain areas by simply pulling one switch.
Slightly off topic: why not deploy a bunch of status lights as well in that staffroom, connected to cell block logic bridges connected to pressure plates in each cell, so you can monitor toilet activity for all cell blocks at night? Takes some time to implement, but the funky status lights dancing at midnight will make you aware there is a lot more activity during the night than you would expect.

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