Prisoners wake up due to Execution

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Prisoners wake up due to Execution

Postby muditk » Mon Mar 07, 2016 10:10 pm

I am playing on Update 3.

I conduct my DR executions at night since it is the least disruptive.
When I begin the process, all the DR prisoners wake up. And when the process is over, all prisoners wake up.
I know they are awake because I can observe them waking up and the active needs blue bar drops a lot.

Is this intentional? What am I doing wrong? When do you perform your executions?

Another idea I had is to just have a day of executions. If I replace my work hours with lockdown for a day, will the programs be cancelled or paused? I don't want to lose progress on the long running programs.

Some terminology. Lockdown as a regime makes prisoners return to their cells immediately. Bangup is a button you can push (at the bottom right) that asks all willing prisoners to return to their cells no matter what the regime. The lockdown button next to this bangup button changes all doors in your prison to locked shut. The lockdown in the execution checklist seems to act as lockdown regime, this is unclear though.
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Re: Prisoners wake up due to Execution

Postby murgh » Mon Mar 07, 2016 11:42 pm

Check this:

They wake up so why not make use of it? Schedule execution around shower time in the morning. It won't break their normal routine of waking up and doing things for an hour in their cells. Assuming you have shower/toilet in every cell, so they won't leave their rooms. Make sure death row is located in top right corner of your prison, preferably nearby warden/chief offices to minimize the time needed to do the procedure.

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