[Suggestion] Use for the morgue and lawsuits

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[Suggestion] Use for the morgue and lawsuits

Postby AlKaPwn » Wed Dec 02, 2015 3:49 am

Ok so a couple of key points I want to preface this with.

As far as I understand

-You get paid more for max sec prisoners.
-you can change prisoner's security rating and get more daily income
-there are no prerequisites to move someone to a higher security level, nor are there prerequisites to put someone in permanent lockup/solitary besides the lawyer research.
-except for prison worth there are no substantial consequences for prisoner deaths making snitches/ex-law enforcement much more trouble than what they are literally worth.
-Morgues serve no purpose outside of the body sitting there for a bit before being carried off.

So how to make these things fall a bit more in line with the systems in the rest of the game so that they are challenging and interesting? I propose this, a prisoner's security cannot be upgraded until they commit crimes while imprisoned. If a prisoner murders someone, is convicted of 2 manslaughters or has several violent crimes in a 30 day history, then they can be moved up to maximum security, or medium security if you have a pretty intense min security prisoner.

How does a person get charged with these things? A dead prisoner will be taken to the morgue and an autopsy will be done and a few facts will be ascertained. First who it was that killed them, secondly who started the fight, and third what was used to kill them. A murder charge is handed down if a prisoner starts the fight and uses a weapon. If a prisoner starts the fight but doesn't use a weapon then your lawyer must make a case based on the prisoner's previous incidents of violence. If a prisoner kills in self defense then it's man slaughter. Also a prisoner can be increased in security if he has been violent over a 30 day period, this will use the lawyer bar research system explained later to upgrade security without a prisoner being guilty of murder but still being dangerous. The prisoner will have a bar that a lawyer has to "research" within a several day period, the more violent offenses the prisoner has committed the shorter the research bar will be. This gives the lawyer a bit more use late game and makes it harder to game the income system by setting all prisoners to max security to get free money.

The next system will be lawsuits. When a prisoner dies there will be a chance that someone will bring suit against you. This won't always happen but has the highest chance of happening with snitches (snitches will of course be revealed upon arrival instead of having to find it out), next highest is min security, then med then max. When a lawsuit happens you have to do an autopsy on the prisoner and a few things will be determined. First if the prisoner was killed by a guard without being armed, if a prisoner was killed by a guard without attacking anyone , the weapon used against them, the total amount of illegal weapons in the prison held by prisoners, that prisoner's security level, whether the murder was in sight or fog of war, and how far away the closest guard was when the person died. There will be something like a base amount of 30,000 for snitches, 25,000 for min security, 15,000 for medium security and 10,000 for max, the previous factors will be multipliers that will increase it by a %. So for instance if a guard is 60 units away, this would be a 15% increase to the 30,000 if a snitch was killed while a guard was very far away, and if there are 10 knives held by prisoners and he was killed with a knife, this will be a 20% increase to the cost as well. If a prisoner is killed by a guard while unarmed this will increase the penalty by 100% and if they were killed while not attacking this will increase the suit by 200%. The numbers aren't precise and would require balancing but you get the idea.

When a suit is brought against you, you will have six days to make your case. This requires you to do an autopsy to attain the facts, and a lawyer to do the prep work. A bar will appear in the bureaucracy menu much like research, the more money the suit is for the larger the bar will be, and the longer it will take to fill, you can only beat a suit by having your lawyers work to fill the bar to full. Since there is a deadline a particularly expensive case will require multiple lawyers to work on the same case in tandem in order to beat it, if a lawyer is hired to work on the case after a suit has already been filed, then they will charge you double the daily work fee as a regular lawyer.

Suits for lower amounts of money can be brought against the player for lesser infractions as well, for instance for putting a well behaved prisoner who has not killed anyone or acted violently in permanent lock-down or solitary. Starving prisoners, or not letting them outside to see the sun if they have been well behaved.

I think this is a system that should be optional much like gangs, and it is a system that will work to address a lot of the "cheese" strategies for Prison Architect that seem to be quite prevalent.
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Re: [Suggestion] Use for the morgue and lawsuits

Postby aidyn89 » Thu Dec 03, 2015 2:26 am

Actually, the pay system was reworked in the Alpha. Now, you get an intake cash bonus depending on security level of the prisoners, and the daily income is fixed no matter the security level.

Also, if a prisoner is caught committing a crime such as assault or murder, his security level does increase automatically (switch to medium if there was assault and switch to high if there was murder, I believe).

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