People who commit crimes are not 100% illiterate >:(

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People who commit crimes are not 100% illiterate >:(

Postby Kilyle » Thu Nov 12, 2015 10:27 am

So this has been bugging me for a while: You can't set up any prisoners in your library until they've passed a class. It takes longer than 24 hours to research the classroom setup (given all the prerequisites and other areas I need to get up and running for efficiency), and multiple days to have them pass the class.

This is ridiculous, because it automatically assumes that not a single solitary prisoner comes into prison with enough English-language skills to sort books onto a library shelf. It's insulting, especially since there are certainly people there for crimes such as hacking, embezzling, and so on, crimes that clearly require a level of language skill and some ability to sort things.

Some prisoners should enter the prison already able to work in the library -- and this should be balanced with the types of crimes they've committed, to where prisoners who obviously ought to have the Literate trait already don't show up without it.

And, I'd like to see the prisoners who already have some skills be able to pass them on to protegees, if a person who wants the skill and a person who has the skill happen to get along well enough to sit down and have one teach the other. Or maybe having a skilled person befriend an unskilled person makes the unskilled person better in class (higher attention or understanding, or faster learning), but I'd really like to see things happen even when no formal setup is instituted yet. And having access to books should improve a fledgling skill over time. Maybe you could even let people with fledgling skills work in the library, but it would make the library less efficient, but the fledgling skill would improve just because of the work being done.

Anyway, please make it so that some prisoners do show up in prison already able to read and work in the library. The alternative is just silly.
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Re: People who commit crimes are not 100% illiterate >:(

Postby YMS » Thu Nov 12, 2015 4:27 pm

At least the ones having the literacy need should be able to work in the library. They should either be able to do so from the beginning or they should only get the need once they finished the foundation education course. The first way would probably be the better one, for the reasons you already gave.
Having prisoners complaining about not getting any books to read, but no prisoners being able to sort books at the same time certainly is strange.
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Re: People who commit crimes are not 100% illiterate >:(

Postby aidyn89 » Sat Nov 28, 2015 6:33 pm

I think the reason that a course is required to work in the library is not that "they need to be able to read", it is more that they need to be able to understand the categorization used in a library, which is much more complicated than just placing any and all book on shelves using the alphabet.

Also, there is a gameplay balancing to take in account, as the two education programs had no use, except to get one grant. At least this does give use to one of the two.

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