Multiple kitchens, deliveries, roads and working in forestry

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Multiple kitchens, deliveries, roads and working in forestry

Postby GlobalKiller » Thu Mar 12, 2015 12:47 pm

Unfortunately, the developing site doesn't work for me, so I write it here.
Just have some problems with the game and want to know if it has a solution somehow.
1. I make three kitchens for one prison because I don't have the place to expand old kitchens and the food gets and gets cooked only in the kitchen which is closer to deliveries. This causes prisoners to be permanently upset and break my things because there is no food in their canteen.
2. With bigger prison, you need to get deliveries, such as food, sheet metal and prisoner uniforms deeper into your prison. But you can have only one deliveries place in your prison. The trucks don't stop there. I suggest intelligent deliveries. The trucks themselves will know where they have to load out the goods to have it near
3. And when speaking of deliveries, what about adding placeable roads for trucks to be more efficient?
4. And last, at some alpha you said that you'll make prisoners work in forestry and still nothing. Would be a good deal!

Yeah, I know you are now working on the tablet version, but try and look at it or please tell me if you could help me with oneof those problems.
Thanks, Killer
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Re: Multiple kitchens, deliveries, roads and working in fore

Postby Threehorns » Thu Mar 12, 2015 1:40 pm

Hi GlobalKiller,

Logistics change with prison size. You could actualy do some math on it for more efficiency.
Without going into higher mathematical models (which i don't know anyway) I'll give you an example:

Traveling: (use save game and setup regime for quick measurements)
1) Going from cell to shower to yard to canteen to .... etc can give you an good traveling time overall.
- Check what causes a way to long traveling time (bottlenecks)
- Solve problem 1)

2) Staff quantity can be a bottleneck as well
- Check what halts cooking
- Check if all the food has been delivered to canteens
- For every delivery, you need a cook! Both to fetch the food to the kitchen and from kitchen to canteen.
- Check for traveling times.
- 3 kitchens means triple amount of cooks who are fetching food for the kitchen. More Staff needed.
- Solve problem 2)

3) Placement
- with 1 and 2, check if with size increase of your prison some rooms might better be moved and/or duplicated.
- Solve problem 3)

I know, i rather thunk things down and it should work.
- And it does on small maps.
- And it does for prisoners who are already "low difficulty" in the first place.
- And it does unless I totally forgot something like food.

- But it doesn't if you start thinking bigger.
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Re: Multiple kitchens, deliveries, roads and working in fore

Postby RJenkos » Thu Mar 12, 2015 2:15 pm

If you're having issues with one kitchen getting too many supplies, take fridges away until it balances out.
There is still more optimizing to be done, but that's a good work around for now.
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Re: Multiple kitchens, deliveries, roads and working in fore

Postby Trixi » Thu Mar 12, 2015 3:49 pm

if one kitchen have to much food, you are having to much fridges in this kitchen.


im using 12 fridges for about 100 prisoners at high quality/high quantity meals. If your meals quality or quantity is lower, you need less fridges (but i dont recomment. you healthrating of your prisoners wont be good. you only get well feed with med/high, high/med or high/high meals. on high/high well feed will holds longer.

cookers u cant have to much. 1 cooker is rarely enough for 10 prisoners, also 1 cook is rarely enough for 10 prisoners. but as your cooks have to transport the food from delivery to the kitchen u need more cooks. and if u have more cookers, you can cook more meals simultaniously, so its not so close to feed all your prisoners.


for food hire more cooks
for the other stuff, hire more workers.
for new prisoners, hire more guards. Only guards not assigned to a job can take the prisoners to cells.


Is in Planing, but had some routing troubles and so on. Maybe it comes later.

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