Guards keep moving prisoners around in cells.

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Guards keep moving prisoners around in cells.

Postby SilencedScream » Tue Feb 03, 2015 8:53 am

So, I've put tons of hours into the game in the past, and I knew this bug came up for a few people (though, I never read up on it, as I never had the issue myself).

I then took a few months off; I haven't really played since about September/October, but came back today... and now I'm suddenly having this problem, while playing the exact same way that I did before. At first, there wasn't an issue - guards took prisoners to their cells, and that was that. But now, when escorting them to their cells, they leave the cuffed prisoner in the cell (the cell doors stay open), and then another guard comes after a few seconds and moves the prisoner across the cell. This continues repeating, over and over.

Is there any solution? I honestly can't see what the issue is - I make all my cell blocks the same, and - even in adjacent cells - the prisoners aren't a problem. There's just a select 3-4 (in one block) that keep getting moved around.
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Re: Guards keep moving prisoners around in cells.

Postby Threehorns » Tue Feb 03, 2015 10:54 am

I dont mind looking into your save game if you upload it.

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