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A new take on despotism

Posted: Fri Nov 15, 2013 3:49 pm
by Eviscerae
In reading through this forum, I've gotten so many great ideas about experimenting with prisons to see what level I could push things to. One of them was UniverseBear's post found here:

I've always been the one to plan out a prison making things perfect, making sure everyone's needs are met, ensuring safety and trying to be as just as i possibly could. But posts like the above challenge you to go into the opposite direction, which immediately grabbed my attention.

So, i set off to make the most vile, immoral, and repugnant prison I could that would still function and provide me with manageable events I could play with. Basically, i wanted to be cruel, but not have everyone in irons so nothing happens.

So, i bring you "Pleasant Pines Penitentiary":


It's a giant holding cell with not enough beds, Tons of security cameras and only the highest risk inmates.

Some key features of this prison include:
24 Solitary cells and an infirmary right off the main holding cell for ease of use,
Non stop internet video feeds!
a somewhat usable Morgue conveniently placed off the fully staffed kitchen and with fast access to passing ambulances.
An execution chamber (with all new marble tile floors(!)) sits off the administration wing just past the garbage drop off for easy body disposal. There is also a door connecting the chamber to the lawyer's office. He likes to watch.
TREES! I almost forgot. We have trees in the yard!
The warden has his very own pool table,
Metal grate flooring in most of the prisoner accessible areas to make cleaning up body fluids a snap.
Newly added metal detectors for your safety after we found a few shotguns hidden in the holding cell.

That's not to say that life is all roses here at PPP...

From time to time, there are those who come to our peaceful hamlet and decide that this life isn't for them. Cries of "freedom", and "family", and "i need to go to the bathroom" ring out across the prison yard. So, we have to respond in kind.


It's sad, yes. The fact that it's shower time makes it doubly so. But thankfully, the administrative wing is protected by thick brick walls and they can go about their day in relative bliss.

Some upgrades I plan are:


Anyway, there she is. I have to say, i felt bad building it, but I couldn't help laughing most of the times. Like the first riot that broke out in the showers that left 18 dead. With all the dead bodies in the shower, 2 prisoners felt it was perfectly fine to wander through them, strip down, and shower. That was really funny to see.

Re: A new take on despotism

Posted: Fri Nov 15, 2013 3:55 pm
by Eviscerae
Oh, i should add that the policy in my prison is very extreme. Every infraction carries a penalty of 24 hours in Solitary.

Solitary is full most of the time, with a backlog of 20 or 30 prisoners.

It keeps things manageable when those who would riot are in chains. The presence of solitary keeps things rolling.

People come out of solitary, get their chains removed, Riot, get put back in chains, get in line to get into solitary, rinse, repeat.

The numbers of inmates that riot tend to be in the 20s or so.

Re: A new take on despotism

Posted: Sat Nov 16, 2013 5:29 pm
by Dan7794
24 Solitary cells and an infirmary right off the main holding cell for ease of use,

It is on the left :D But all in all this is a good idea how many deaths so far?

Re: A new take on despotism

Posted: Wed Nov 20, 2013 7:03 pm
by Eviscerae
well "right off" was meant as "next to", but yah.

30 or so deaths thus far. The most dangerous job in the prison appears to be janitor at the moment. I was going through anywhere from 3 - 5 of them a riot (read: multiple times a day), so I just stopped hiring them. They obviously want the place dirty, or they'd stop killing the help, right?

Guards seem to be high on the list, too.

The riot shown above had 6 or 7 ambulances lined up on the screen (A tree was growing in the road and blocked them leaving). Most of the riots since then have been smaller.

I think the play for this prison is what I outlined above. Balance the Rioting --> Shackling --> waiting to be placed into Solitary --> Solitary --> Released from solitary cycle.

Obviously, just having everyone in chains is boring as nothing will happen, so there has to be some sort of progression. On the flip side, you can't just have all your prisoners unshackled or the amount of pissed-off rioters becomes prohibative to deal with. Finding that tipping point is the goal of this prison.

How do we keep that Riot assembly line churning out dead bodies as we keep up with the prisoner intake, but not let the prison be overrun?

Every good warden should be asking themselves that same question!