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Postby Cavey » Thu Sep 06, 2018 4:32 pm

Hi hopefully posting in right place. I have over 500 hours played and as of yesterday stream loads up the game launch comes up and goes but game dose not start up. I used safety mode and it works i looked at load games and auto save was not there so let the game run it till it did an auto save and was in load game but still dose not work. I googled it and most seem to have the same actions so did all the ones posted by someone and will post them bellow

Nann has Prison Architect 18 Jun, 2016 @ 7:44pm
Litterally had the same problem (posted a question too)
So heres a few things to do.

1. Go to your steam libary right click prison architect verify integrety of cache (sorry for spelling errors) then restart your computer.
2. Restart your computer in general.
3. Restart steam Like stated above^

Heres come complex stuff if you do not understand computers
4. Press your windows click local disk>Users>Your name(tends to be owner by default)>appdata>local>Delete Introversion Folder. THEN run the game again. *NOTE* if you want to save your game and its not the cause then just copy and move it to your desktop should be under a folder called Saves move to your desktop then replace it when you run the game again.

5. Unistall the game (right click the game properties delete local)

6. Final option start your game let it run go to the same introversion folder but instead grab the debug.txt

thanks for any help

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