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Postby Liquidator » Mon Dec 12, 2005 4:35 pm

Yes, they are missing or have a sign not corresponding to them. You can see it here ("R ckwõrts" should for example be "Rückwärts" and it should be Nachricht überspringen):


Hope I could help :wink:
Charles Darwin
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Postby Charles Darwin » Fri Dec 16, 2005 9:26 pm

ok, hi - first of all - GREEEEEEEEAAAAAAAT GAME - Congratulations!!!

some things i noticed about the menu:

ok One by One:


You should say

"Bildschirm" instead of "Bildschirmoptionen"
"Grafik" instead of "Grafikoptionen"
"Sound" instead of "Soundoptionen"
"Steuerung" instead of "Steuerungsoptionen"
"Erweitert" instead of "Andere Optionen"

it sounds less "heavy" if you know what i mean, it's better to read also.

"Bildschirm" (Bildschirmoptionen)

"Auflösung" instead of "Aufl sung"
"Fenstermodus" instead of "Fenstertechnik"

"Grafik" (Grafikoptionen)

"Umgebung" instead of "Landschaftsdetails"
"Wasser" instead of "Gewässerdetails"
"Himmel" instead of "Himmeldetails"
"Gebäude" instead of "Gebäudedetails"
"Einheiten" instead of "Einheitendetails"
"Pixeleffekte" you forgott the "e" at the end

so you don't need the word "details" because first of all - it's obvious and
second - the word "Landschaftsdetails" don't fit in - it's not enough space for it.

"Sound" (Soundoptionen)

"Kanäle" instead of "Kanöle"

"Stereo tauschen" sounds wrong - i guess you mean "Reverse Stereo", maybe you should stick with that.

"Steuerung" (Steuerungsoptionen)

"Rückwärts" instead of "R ckwörts"
"Standard" instead of "Standartvorgaben wiederherstellen"

"Erweitert" (Andere Einstellungen)

"Hilfe" instead of "Hilfesystem"

and maybe you should write "German" and "English" instead of "german" and "english" - because the other two options start with a capital letter so it looks sloppy.


I think you should use "Exit" instead of "Schließen" - because a "ß" don't look nice in games.

oh yes and all the "ö" should be replaced by "ä" except "Auflösung"

thats all about the options - thumbs up :D
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Postby cybersphinx » Fri Dec 16, 2005 11:23 pm

Charles Darwin wrote:"Standart" instead of "Standartvorgaben wiederherstellen"
"Standard". "Standart" means "kind of stand".

I think you should use "Exit" instead of "Schließen"
Or "Beenden".
Charles Darwin
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Postby Charles Darwin » Fri Dec 16, 2005 11:27 pm

:D "Standard" of course, sorry

"Beenden" is very good, instead of "Schließen" even better than Exit
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Postby Acolyte » Mon Dec 19, 2005 2:08 pm

The german plural of "Virus" is "Viren", and I'd use "Vireninfektion" here. I think somewhere "Virii" was used, but I think that sounds strange in german.

'Virii' sounds strange in English, given that the English plural of virus is viruses, and the Latin word 'virus' doesn't have a plural. So you could just say 'Virii' in the English version is a proper noun, ie the name given to those pink snake-like creatures by Dr. Sepulveda, in which case the German would be the same. Likewise Squad, Armour, Engineer etc if you like, as they're programs written by Dr. Sepulveda, and that's what he calls them.

A lot of the names you find in games are really proper nouns, as they're used in a specific way in the game that often has little to do with the general usage. So for example a zealot is someone who is extremely religious, while a Zealot in Starcraft is the basic Protoss footsoldier.
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Postby prophile » Mon Dec 19, 2005 4:09 pm

Who is also, as it happens, extremely religeous, hence the name - I'd have translated that if I'd been translating Starcraft...
Kernle 32DLL
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Postby Kernle 32DLL » Sun Dec 25, 2005 11:58 am

Iam German. Are the "Hinweise" from the 2 pages of this site
already included in the download from page 1 ?
If not, include it and i will check the translation file.

Other Things:
A Translation for this Forum should be good

Is Darwinia only aviable for Steam now ?
My Friend has this serrious CD ^_^


PS: You see, good german but no good english ^^
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Postby xander » Sun Dec 25, 2005 6:38 pm

Kernle 32DLL wrote:Is Darwinia only aviable for Steam now ?
My Friend has this serrious CD ^_^

You can still get the CD from here. It will be shipped to you, and probably arrive within a week.

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Hello you green people

Postby LouisLoiselle » Fri Jan 06, 2006 4:15 pm

im from germany,and bought darwinia one week ago at ebay. Now i´m totally in love with this game and its unique style.
I play it now in german translation,and if i find anything weird,i let you know.

So far,i like to thank Introversion,especially chris and andy for this game,that is to me like a dream come true. The retrostyle is awesome,i have only one little thing in mind that would make me happy for eternity:

and i hope the community will soon discover a multiplayer mod as well!

greetings,a fan from germany

PS: i hope my english is not that bad :roll:
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Postby Ragnarok » Thu May 25, 2006 6:41 am

Hi everyone.

Once again: Great game. Those were the days ... :D

When you force Dr. Sep to research on upgrading the engineers he says "Es wäre doch schön, sie könnten mehr Seelen tragen.", which sounds like a word-by-word translation.

Better would be "Es wäre doch schön, wenn sie mehr Seelen tragen könnten."
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Postby Treehorn » Mon May 29, 2006 11:25 am

I've read through this thread, and I must say you did a really good job so far. But one thing coming up now is really dangerous and can easily ruin a localisation. Don't "overtraslate" it. Something about german you should think about when translating a game: german ist a language of thinkers and poets. That means we got many words and a even complex grammar strukturs. For almost ever token there are more than a few synonyms. Everyones meaning is a little bit 'off', so choose carefully. One the other hand: german is very weak in 'one sentence statements'. One effect of this is for exemple that a lot of slogan in advertising aren't translated at all. In fact there are often slogans created espacialy for the german market. I hope you get the idea...
German is very flexible in integrating foreign words. We are almost magnetic. German is a stolen language ^^. So leave it at this. Don't translate anything when you don't have to. This goes for all unit names as for all proper names. Bend them to match german grammar, but thats all. It should be fine at this point. For instance I wouldn't translate 'virii' at all. This latin like plural is common in german. It works as is, so don't bother with germanising. And of course: A squad should be squad. Er, sorry a Squad
It's not wrong in german to use foreign words, espacially in situation with a 'closed content', such as ... computer science and IT. In many cases our love for the above mentioned 'many words' forced us to develope our own words for expressions already suitable. But you don't have to use them just for using 'germanier language'. Indeed in most cases it feels just wrong and the english expressing is more suitable anyway.
You should focus on giving a whole sentence the right sound, not on translating single words. English and even france is far more strict their grammar. So on translating something into german one of the most common mistakes is to translate sentence-by-sentence. While working very well in english this is cruel in german, leaving a point1-point2-point3-im-speaking-linke-a-robot-feeling. In addition, written text differs extremley from spoken words. A complete different grammar is used. You should pay attention on this when Sepulveda talks.

yard_available_1 OK, ich habe die Blaupausen f³r die Waffenplattform fertig und sie in das System geladen.
yard_available_2 Wenn Du so weit bist, komm runter auf die Ebene des Bauhofs. Wir m³ssen ihn in Betrieb setzen und sofort mit der Produktion beginnen.

Should be:
Die Blaupausen für die Waffenplattform sind fertig. Ich hab sie ins System geladen.
yard_available_2 Komm runter auf den Bauhof, wenn du fertig bist. Wir müssen ihn so schnell wie möglich in Betrieb setzen und mit der Produktion beginnen.

You see: Imperative is very strong accentuated in direct conversations. In direct traslation it might sound like some army guy directing some war prisoners, but it's in fact correct slang.

Now to something completely different:
German is very context sensitve. Don't bother to overexplain thing that are already clear enough:
yard_finished_1 Ich habe das Panzerprogramm Deiner Gestenliste hinzugef³gt. .....
would be:
yard_finished_1 Ich habe die Panzer deinen Gesten hinzugefügt.....

yard_progressarmour_2 Als nõchstes m³ssen wir die Ameiseninfektion beseitigen, die das Tal befallen hat.
yard_progressarmour_2 Als nächstes müssen wir die Ameiseninfektion im Tal beseitigen.
that sounds far more natural.

Also german gives you many options in connecting sentences. Just them to keep the text from beeing boring and to avoind the robot speaking:
help_mine Dieses Gebõude ist eine Mine. Sie baut rohe Polygone aus den H³geln ab. Diese werden in die Wagen geladen. Die Bedienung erfordert mehrere Darwiner
help_mine Dieses Gebõude ist eine Mine die Rohpolygone aus den Hügeln abbaut und in Godeln verläd. Die Bedienung erfordert mehrere Darwiner.

Another one: Past tense in spoken language is mostly "past perfect", while just wrong for a written text, you would say/chat this:
rockhead_1 ... Für ein paar wenige Sekunden wurde meine Visage am Himmel über Darwinia projiziert.
-> ....Mein Gesicht ist für ein paar Sekunden über den Himmel projiziert worden.

Finally some Things I woudln't traslate at all:
Datenstrom -> Stream
Feld -> Tile (editor)
Binär -> binary ('binär' means restriktet to 2 states in computer science and mathmatics)
Ort -> Location (editor)
Aktualisieren -> Update (editor; wenn überhaupt, dann 'neu aufbauen')
Einheit -> Entity (correct: Entität, but Eveyone says Entity anyway)
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Postby Fire Ops » Wed Jun 27, 2007 9:30 pm

I tink, the Name of the darwinian People is "Darwinianer", but this is my opinion.

Radar dish wrote:Dieser Radarschirm kann eingesetzt werden, um Menschen an andere Radarschirme zu strahlen.

With the translation, everything is alright. But it says, you can use it to beam humans to other Radar dishes. But in Darwinia, everything/everyone is a program (except the Dr. Sep.), then correct would be; "...werden, um Programme an andere Radarschirme zu strahlen" or "...werden, um Darwinianer und Trupps (or whatever the german translation of squad is) an andere Radarschirme...".

cybersphinx wrote:
bootloader_amiga . Darwinia - Final Release Cracked by DMA Crew Ich hab 38 Std. lang ohne Unterbruch an diesem Crack gearbeitet. Die Einführung hab ich ganz schnell geschrieben. Tut mir leid, dass sie nicht besser geworden ist, aber ich hatte nur 12 Min. Zeit. Hab den ganzen Tag nur Kaffee und Red Bull getrunken, und meine grauen Zellen tun mir weh. Grüße an Alistair, Chris, Jo, Johnny, Mark, Michael, Tom und alle Beta-Tester. Grüße auch an Jay Miner, der nicht mehr unter uns weilt, für die Erfindung des Amiga, und an alle Demo-Coder weltweit, die der Welt zeigen, wofür Computer gut sind. Wir sehen uns alle wieder bei der nächsten tollen Release von der DMA Crew...

"Ich hab seit 38 Stunden ohne Unterbrechung an diesem Crack gearbeitet, und dann noch kurz dieses Intro geschrieben. Es ist nicht sehr gut, tut mir leid, aber nach 12 Minuten hatte ich keine Lust mehr. ... getrunken - ich glaube, mein Hirn blutet. ... beim nächsten Release der..."

Sry but what??? Crack? :shock:
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Postby Nordlicht » Sun Jul 13, 2008 5:08 am

The Translation from Page 1 is absolutly bad. Never seen so much errors (Content and Grammar) within one text file. Don't get me wrong, this isn't meant personal and I don't want to attack someone (how/why could/should I, I don't even know you personal).


Dieser Radarschirm kann eingesetzt werden, um Menschen an andere Radarschirme zu strahlen.

This means, retranslated:

This Radar-Dish can be used to blast Humans against other Radar-Dishes.

This example is only one of many, many other Contant-errors. I began to rework the languagefile based on the DL from Page 1 yesterday. I will post the file here when it's done. If someone is interested, of course.
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Postby m_c » Mon Oct 27, 2008 6:28 pm

There seems to be a translation error.

The prof told me to open research center I should press tab and move the mouse to left of the screen.
It should be top I think.

help_taskmanager_2_kbd Für eine Liste der möglichen Gesten, rufst du mit [KEYGESTURESTASKMANAGERDISPLAY] den Task Manager auf und scrollst nach links, indem du die Maus nach links bewegst, oder mithilfe von [KEYMENULEFT].

should be
help_taskmanager_2_kbd Für eine Liste der möglichen Gesten, rufst du mit [KEYGESTURESTASKMANAGERDISPLAY] den Task Manager auf und scrollst nach oben, indem du die Maus nach oben bewegst, oder mithilfe von [KEYMENUUP].

KEYMENUUP is unclear for me but I think it is correct.
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Postby m_c » Sun Aug 21, 2011 1:03 pm

And no more updates since about 3 years. :(

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