Darwinites' Fight Back Beta

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Darwinites' Fight Back Beta

Postby Wuffie » Fri Apr 05, 2013 1:25 pm

Hi everyone, this is a concept, it dose not add any new content but it changes the why you play the original game

It started out with the idea of not using squadies and relying on only darwinites to take out everything red on the map, Ive been playing this way for years using incubators and hacking the game to act how I wanted it too, resulting in a never ending stream of green minions to use. I Had another game last night and decided to try mod in the same effect by putting some spawnlinks into a few maps, removing squad's and distributing laser rifles to all the darwinites

The result is 'DFB'
You cant spawn squadies and need to use your darwinites to take care of all the virii

This is a very beta mash togeather to see if it works, some levels are unbalanced and awkwerd, but you can play the entire game with it
This mod is designed to be hard and complicated and some levels can take a long time to complete, requiring patience during the start and tactics at the end

Some levels have a single squadies so that you can farm some souls for incubators to get the spawnlinks going, he wont show up on your tasklist so make sure you dont miss him, or lose him, or get him killed :)

Let me know if you like it, ill post updates if I get feedback :)


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