Team 2 Officers

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Team 2 Officers

Postby Krion112 » Sun May 09, 2010 1:20 am

As you all know, Officers can be made from green Darwinians, but not from yellow Darwinians, because of the selection system in which you can select any unit on your team.

Well there's a way to trick the selection system.


1: make a simple map or use an already made map.

2: Place Team 02 Darwinians somewhere on the map.

3: hit F3 or gesture an officer

4: Click on the yellow dg as fast as you can

5: If you select it, deselect, hit 1 (or whatever slot your officer is in) and maniacly click on the ydg.

6: If you keep selecting it, do the above, until the yellow dg turns into an officer.

After the first time you complete this, turning yellow dg's into officers will always work.

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