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Posted: Wed Feb 03, 2010 4:33 am
by Krion112
In Darwinia 1.5.11, in the mission folders of maps, there is a section called routes, which seem to be placed in routes_startdefinition through routes_enddefinition. Instant units have a section called routeid, in which you would place the name of the routes. So what are these routes? Are they like coordinates of where an entity will go?

Posted: Wed Feb 03, 2010 3:40 pm
by xander
I'm not sure that anyone has much experimented with them. There are many new modding features that were added to 1.5.x, but, as I don't have a Windows machine to work with, I never did much in terms of implementing any of them (I did try to use some exploding buildings in a level once, but it was difficult to test whether they worked or not). So try experimenting with them and see what happens. The only other person who might have an idea is TGF, so you might wait for her to speak up.


Posted: Thu Sep 29, 2011 11:30 pm
by Krion112
Alright, I think I've finally gotten this down. I don't know how many others know about how this works, nor do I know how many people actually care, but hey, if you want to mod, and don't know how to use routes, here it is:

Routes are apparently waypoints that can be set for certain Viral units. In the mod, Perdition, it was used for Soul Destroyers coming through trunkports, and thankfully, I've finally worked out the numbers.

Code: Select all

   Route 0
      0   923.00 150.00 2651.51
      0   827.32 250.00 2879.79
      0   637.76 250.00 2633.88
      0   286.96 150.00 2437.88
      0    90.10 150.00 2036.48
      0   416.56 200.00 1947.89
      0   528.19 250.00 2333.43
      0    95.40 150.00 2746.84
      0   637.76 125.00 2633.88

The 'Route 0' is just the title, with each coordinate being named after it.
The coordinates read in all X, Y, and Z positions, instead of only X and Z, but as far as I can tell, the Y value doesn't change anything. Could be wrong.
It always ends with the End line.

I know that they are used for Ai Spawn Points as relay points (At the end, after the "How Many Times to Spawn" number, there's another -1, which is the Route name), but I'm not sure if they can apply to instant units. Was just about to test that.

Information is information, so I ask that if me simply updating this issue that I had (dunno if anyone else didn't know how to use routes) irritates anyone, I'm sorry, but you never know. People could still be modding, and could still have the problem.