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Posted: Fri May 01, 2009 3:42 am
by kr0n0s
I did re-download the mod and am using 1.1.7. I deleted any and all files that had 'backdoor' in their name. Although, did you mean any files that had 'backdoor' in the file itself as well? I don't think I saw 'backdoor' in any of the files I looked through. The tower was in the second 'backdoor' level, the one used to reactivate the trunkport to secondary core.

Posted: Fri May 01, 2009 3:43 pm
by xander
Please zip up your profile, get it hosted somewhere (i.e. ), and put a link to it here.


Posted: Fri May 01, 2009 4:55 pm
by kr0n0s
Alright, it's set up. Just go to And it seems I'm learning to use the tags.

Posted: Sat May 02, 2009 6:33 pm
by The GoldFish
xander wrote:To the best of my ability, I already have. If you read up in this topic, you will note that there is a post where I have included a modified game.txt file. In that post, I even suggested how you might install that file, and what else you need to do. To recap, take the game.txt file from that post (by copying-and-pasting), and use it to replace the game.txt file in your user directory. Then, again in your user directory, delete any mission files that contain the word "backdoor". I am 90% sure that will solve all of your problems, as long as you are using 1.1.7, and not 1.2.0.

Uhhhhm, isn't the game.txt you posted up a 1.2 one, since it has all those destroy scripts and stuff in it still which aren't actually in the archive? Shouldn't the scripts bit be more like;

Code: Select all

   Event BuildingOnline :annihilation,1 BuildingOnline :annihilation,51
      Action RunScript  annihilation_objAa_com.txt
   Event BuildingOnline :annihilation,2
      Action RunScript  annihilation_objAb_com.txt
   Event BuildingOnline :primary_core,2
      Action RunScript  primary_core_objB_com.txt
   Event BuildingOnline :primary_core,47 BuildingOnline :primary_core,48 BuildingOnline :primary_core,49 BuildingOnline :primary_core,50 BuildingOnline :primary_core,51
      Action RunScript  outro_A.txt
   Event BuildingOnline :backdoor,2 BuildingOnline :backdoor,43 BuildingOnline :backdoor,53
      Action SetMission sanctuary mission_sanctuary.txt
      Action RunScript  backdoor_a_com.txt
   Event BuildingOnline :backdoor_b,3
      Action RunScript  backdoor_b_objA_com.txt
   Event BuildingOnline :backdoor_b,3 BuildingOnline :backdoor_b,58
      Action SetMission secondary_core mission_secondary_core.txt
   Event BuildingOnline :sanctuary,29
      Action SetMission backdoor mission_backdoor_b_warp1.txt
      Action RunScript  sanctuary_objA_com.txt
   Event BuildingOnline :secondary_core,1 BuildingOnline :secondary_core,2 BuildingOnline :secondary_core,25 BuildingOnline :secondary_core,84
      Action SetMission communications mission_communications.txt
   Event BuildingOnline :secondary_core,1 BuildingOnline :secondary_core,2 BuildingOnline :secondary_core,25 BuildingOnline :secondary_core,84 NotInLocation
      Action RunScript  secondary_core_com.txt
   Event BuildingOnline :communications,64 BuildingOnline :communications,65 BuildingOnline :communications,66 BuildingOnline :communications,67 BuildingOnline :communications,68 BuildingOnline :communications,69
      Action SetMission aftermath mission_aftermath.txt
   Event BuildingOnline :communications,64 BuildingOnline :communications,65 BuildingOnline :communications,66 BuildingOnline :communications,67 BuildingOnline :communications,68 BuildingOnline :communications,69 NotInLocation
      Action RunScript  communications_com.txt

I mean it's your mod, I'm sure you know better. I'm just going by what I have in this 1.1.7 profile I just made myself, and gut feeling.

Posted: Sat May 02, 2009 8:31 pm
by xander
Actually, what I posted was exactly the same game.txt file he posted, but with the correct mission set for Backdoor. I don't think that any of the script triggers should have any effect---the ones that have changed are all in Annihilation, which he has already completed. If pasting that section into the scripts section of the game.txt I posted above solves the problem, woot. But I don't think it is going to make a difference.


Posted: Thu May 07, 2009 2:23 pm
by kr0n0s
I know I don't know much about how Darwinia works, but is it possible that Darwinia can't comprehend the fact that I've beaten the first 'backdoor' mission and can go to the second 'backdoor' mission even though no file for the first one exists in my user folder? You said to delete any files containing 'backdoor' in their name, thus the first 'backdoor' isn't in the user folder.

Again, I probably don't know what I'm talking about, but it's some more info I probably should have told you about sooner. I can't think of anything else you may need to know, but if I do, I'll let you know.

Also, sorry about the name of the user. I figured if the player is portrayed as a new savior to the Darwinians, might as well name it accordingly. Besides, I had to be able to distinguish it from my normal Darwinia user.

EDIT: The only existing file with 'backdoor' in its name is currently "mission_backdoor_b_warp2.txt".

Posted: Thu May 07, 2009 6:07 pm
by xander
If a mission file is missing from your profile, and Darwinia needs it, it will copy the file over from the mod directory. So deleting a mission file from your profile is like resetting the mission. So no, that is not the problem. The problem is an incompatibility between a 1.2.0 profile, and a 1.1.7 mod. I haven't found the exact problem yet (I can't come up with anything that prevents the game from crashing on my end, anyway, including TGF's suggestions). As it is finals week, I really don't have a lot of time to work with your issue, there are a couple of other things that you can do:

1) Start over.
2) In the mod, there is a file called "game_debug.txt". Copy this to your profile directory, and rename it "game.txt". This should leave you about where you are now (though there may be some extra levels showing, and some levels showing that shouldn't be showing, and the research levels won't be the same). This is not a perfect solution, but should be better than starting over from scratch.
3) Lastly, you can try using the AccessAllAreas profile. This will give you access to every map in the game, and all of the trunkport objectives will be complete, but, again, it should be better than nothing.

After finals, if I find the time, I can probably patch together a game.txt file that is more in line with what you need, but, at the moment, I am a bit overwhelmed.


Posted: Thu May 07, 2009 6:21 pm
by kr0n0s
Understandable that you'd be overwhelmed during finals. Who wouldn't? I've got the same thing going on here.

I guess I'll just start over. I'll keep the Savior user in case you find a way of fixing it before I catch up to it with my new user. I just don't want to go through Discovery again. That place is a nightmare. Any tips on beating it more easily?