Crash - much progress lost. :@

Problems with the Mac version of Darwinia

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Crash - much progress lost. :@

Postby ThaFish » Thu Jul 05, 2007 8:01 pm

:evil: I have just lost ALOT of progress and I am Not Happy.

In the middle of a big battle in the Biosphere, the blasted thing crashed on me again; when I returned I had lost all my progress on that island, including control over three spawn points. The error was something like Fatal Error (9) or (10). The blackbox says it hasn't been updated since the 3rd of June and it's now the 5th of July, which is a bit odd, but here it is anyway:

Code: Select all


VERSION : macosx-ppc-full-1.4.2
ERROR   : 'Registration Check (4)'

====== STACKTRACE =======

retAddress = 0x3d994
retAddress = 0x3d750
retAddress = 0xe29e8
retAddress = 0x5b12c
retAddress = 0x5b534
retAddress = 0x63fdc
retAddress = 0x653fc
retAddress = 0x56d60
retAddress = 0x568c
retAddress = 0x92be1ae4
retAddress = 0x90805078
retAddress = 0x907fd114
retAddress = 0x92bcbeec
retAddress = 0x93781f98
retAddress = 0x93781e84
retAddress = 0x937819cc
retAddress = 0x93781574
retAddress = 0x92be2af0
retAddress = 0x92be2950
retAddress = 0x914fd960
retAddress = 0x914fd7fc
retAddress = 0x914fd654
retAddress = 0x9329d2e0
retAddress = 0x9377fcbc
retAddress = 0x9377f7a8
retAddress = 0x9377bcec
retAddress = 0x9386c87c
retAddress = 0x5968
retAddress = 0x295c
retAddress = 0x27dc
retAddress = 0xbffffd6c

I'm runningversion 1.4.2 of the game on a 1GHz Powerbook G4, it's about 5-7 years old. It's running Mac OS 10.4.9.
I'm also experiencing low framerate which is causing problems with the Task Manager, details in this thread: If anyone has any suggestions, they would be most appreciated.
Smile! It might be the last time you get a chance...

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