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Custom Map Crashes

Posted: Sat May 10, 2014 5:35 pm
by Brains
Attention anyone who has experience with bug-fixing!
I'm having a bit (that's a lie, a lot) of trouble with one of the custom maps I am working on with the in-game map maker.It was working before perfectly fine but when I started working on the machinery it started breaking...
Above: The maps as a whole

I also seem to have two "ghost" maps- both called newworld- which I tried deleting but to no success...
Above: The "ghost" maps

I don't know whether it is the Virrii I added in, the trees or anything else but hopefully these pictures should help anyone who may have an answer.
Above: The start of the map with the Virii and ant nests.
Above: The map refinery.
Above: The mines

There is also a section with solar cells which lead through into a trunk port which shows in image 1 and partially in image 4.

If anyone has an answer to this problem please let me know. I really want to play the map but I can't seem to get around this bug...

Thanks. :)