Problems with customising the control scheme

Problems with the Windows version of Darwinia

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Problems with customising the control scheme

Postby Huxley » Sat Aug 29, 2009 6:37 pm

Just bought darwinia over steam. Im left handed so the defaults are too uncomfortable. I want to change them from WASD to a TFGH setup. However the game does not seem to like it when you want to change the controls.

The option screen doesnt let me change H - its locked to the 'Help' function.

I cant seem to change the task manager key either. I changed it once, but now its locked to that key.

The 'reset to defaults' button does not work!

Is there anyway to get around any of these problems? Im quite happy to edit some text files if needed, but im not sure how to do this.
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Postby Phelanpt » Sun Aug 30, 2009 1:38 am

I remember seeing something about changing key bindings in Multiwinia, but can't find it now. I'm also not sure if it would work the same way in Darwinia.
Basically, if I remember it right, there is a file inside the main (compressed) data file that has the bindings in text, and you could change them to what you wanted, provided you knew the keywords that were used for each key in the file.

I think it was The_GoldFish that wrote that post/thread.

If I find it I'll post tomorrow.
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The GoldFish
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Postby The GoldFish » Sun Aug 30, 2009 11:31 am

That's only relavent to Multiwinia, Phelanpt.

In Darwinia's case, it saves your key config into preferences.txt and/or user_input_preferences.txt, either in the Darwinia folder (which will be in your steam folder somewhere) if you're on XP, or your saved games directory (user/saved games/darwinia/) if you're on Vista/Windows 7

Basically both files have stuff like "CameraDown = key X pressed" - it's pretty self explanatory.

I'm not 100% that it will let you unbind the help button, though, although I seemed to succeed in that regard. I tried poking around with Multiwinia's input prefs to see if there was anything useful in there, and came up with the line "SepulvedaHelp = key K down", which I added to my input_prefs (don't put this in preferences.txt) and this seemed to do the job, but I think it'll require 1.5.10/11 (which you should have if you're on steam anyway).

I didn't change anything in my preferences.txt, and just made my user_input_preferences.txt contain the following (blank line at the end is important).

Code: Select all

CameraBackwards = key G pressed
CameraLeft = key F pressed
CameraDown = key R pressed
GesturesChatLog = key L pressed
CameraUp = key Y pressed
CameraZoom = key V pressed
IconsChatLog = key L pressed
IconsTaskManagerDisplay = key TAB pressed
SkipMessage = key Enter down
CameraForwards = key T pressed
IconsTaskManagerEndTask = key C down
CameraRight = key H pressed
UnitDeselect = key Space down
SepulvedaHelp = key K down

You can check what version of Darwinia you have by looking at Options/Other Options, should be 1.5.10 for steam.
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Postby Phelanpt » Sun Aug 30, 2009 2:40 pm

The GoldFish wrote:That's only relavent to Multiwinia, Phelanpt.
I imagined it might be the case. Thanks for clarifying.

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