Mine to Yard Trunkport and Incongruous Human Face

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Mine to Yard Trunkport and Incongruous Human Face

Postby Hamster2 » Wed Jan 12, 2005 9:29 pm

In the Mine, once you've got the carts moving around the belt, they look kinda bad going into the trunk port that leads to the Yard. They sorta swipe right through the hillside below the trunk port. It'd be nice if the level of the carts were raised slightly, so that they would actually pass through the trunkport opening.

I found that after playing the game for a while, getting into the plot, and enjoying it, there was something intrinsically wrong with having the picture of the doctor come up whenever he sent you a message. I know that there's a vital plot point there, that you have an external human connection, but I think that for continuities sake, the image should be changed to something more... darwinia-ish. Sorry, just thought that the picture looked rather incongruous with the rest of the game, and kinda detracted from the experience when you're interrupted by it popping up. :?
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