The *new* low-FPS bug

Problems with the Windows version of Darwinia

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The *new* low-FPS bug

Postby niklaus » Wed Aug 12, 2020 7:03 am

Okay, so I found that the low-FPS thing is more than just the bouncing cam. Here it is.

So far I've confrimed 2 instances that this occurs it. One is a grenade launch, and the other is the Main generator. In stead of counting in ticks, as movement of the squad, enginneers, grenades, energy, and so on does, it counts in seconds. For the grenade, this timing is for the time to detonate. I usually blow away half of my squad tossing these things, even those the range is version 4

This is the same with the Main generator. I tweaked my performance for a small while by reducing my resolution, and the total output jumped by about ten, though never enough to clear the level.

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