Darwinia Beta Update Announcement

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Darwinia Beta Update Announcement

Postby John » Tue Sep 21, 2021 12:14 pm

We are testing an update to Darwinia. If you're interested to find out more, please try it out and give feedback.

You can find the details at:

Beta Announcement on Darwinia Steam Forum

Thanks for your help.
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Re: Darwinia Beta Update Announcement

Postby SomeHacker » Tue Sep 21, 2021 8:00 pm

Not everyone is on Steam. Please provide proper patches for non-Steam players. And fix the website which has been broken since some date in 2016 iirc.

Though my device doesn't meet its system requirements anyway. And I'd prefer to wait until the source code SVN gets updated, if ever.

I'm somewhat disappointed in everything about gamedev these days. Platforms like Steam and Discord becoming de facto standard, system requirements being increased all the time, things are moving to clouds and "smartphones"… is a reason why I'm not looking for new games. And now I have to think of my opinion about patches and updates.

What about updating Uplink btw? It turns 20 on October 1.

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