Do you want to make new map or have more options?

Working on new maps for Multiwinia? Discuss!

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Do you want to make new map or have more options?

Postby Tom.K » Sun Nov 27, 2011 11:38 am

Here are few things you can do:
First create folder "data" in folder where you have installed MW.
Open main.dat with some zip extractor, find and extract multiwinia.txt to "data" folder.

Now open multiwinia.txt.
You should see something like this:

Code: Select all

# Name         :   Name of the variable
# Min         :   The minimum allowable value
# Max         :   The maximum allowable value
# Default      :   The starting value
# Change        :   Amount to change option by.  0 = DropDownMenu   -1 = CheckBox

#   Name                MIN     MAX     Default     Change
# ===================================================================

GAMETYPE Domination
    ScoreMode           0       1       0           0
    TimeLimit           0       60      10          1
    Handicap            0       90      90          10
    CrateDropRate       0       300     40          10
    StartingPowerups    0       3       0           1
    RetributionMode     0       1       1           -1
    SuddenDeath         0       1       1           -1
    CrateDropMode       0       1       1           0
-snipped to avoid long list-

Logically you can understand some of these things (read part with "#"). ( Well, you can increase values as you wish, and at some limits you can still host a server without incompatibility. If you want to add an option from some gamemode to other, copy it and paste it.
Note: There are possible chances that these options could cause sync errors. If you have problems with them, remove your own gamemode options, not default ones or remove multiwinia.txt (not the one in main.dat).

For example,

Code: Select all

   StartingPowerups    0       3       0           1

Change to:

Code: Select all

   StartingPowerups    0       6       0           1

Now you can set game to use 6 powerups (which is maximum) at beginning. You can include this option in all game modes and it should work properly.
Note: You might recieve "Powerups limit reached!" message, but that happends automatically when you get 6 powerups anyway, so you can ignore message, but you have to use powerups or you won't get new ones from crates etc.
Note 2: If you use this with reinforcements, you might not get powerups or reinforcements.

Next option you can change is Time limit.

Code: Select all

    TimeLimit           0       60      10          1

You can set MAX time at 1440 minutes, which is 1 day long, or even longer time this way. Though, if you are going to host server where you have to fight for whole day... Not sure would it be a good idea.
Note: In KOTH and CTS, there's a reason why you shouldn't set MIN at 0, which sets time to Unlimited, which is that you can't finish the match.
Note #2: Time Limit in Assault cannot be set (read this thread to see reason ... php?t=2859 ), while in Rocket Riot when time runs out... nothing happens.

This is somehow tricky at some point.

Code: Select all

    ReinforcementTimer  10      300     60          10   
    ReinforcementCount  1       100     40          1
    MaxArmour           1       10      2           1
    TurretFrequency     0       10      7           1
    MaxTurrets          0       5       3           1

The only purpose to use this is at "The Walled Garden" KOTH map and any other map which contains trunkports to spawn multiwinian reinforcements. You can include armours, turrets etc. like in Rocket Riot and Blitzkrieg mode.
Note: This might cause syncronization errors if it's configured at maximum.

You can try to use Retribution Mode, Sudden Death etc. on other game modes, but you might expect problems and more confusion.

There are probably some more options, like max # of retribution tasks, singleround and private slots, but it's probably just in-game configured.

Now, levels... As Multiwinia does NOT have map editor (except not well known 1.9.xx, which is not available), you can use Darwinia map editor if you have bought it.
Read some other threads how to use map editor and port maps to multiwinia. ... php?t=1852 ... php?t=2063 ... php?t=2700

I'll stick for now only at MultiwiniaOptions, Buildings section. In "main.dat/data/levels/" you can see all levels in-game. Extract those which you want to edit to "(multiwinia installed folder)/data/levels/". I'll take for example mp_koth_2P_1 (The Eternal Guardians).

This is part where you can configure map generally.

Code: Select all

   GameTypes   KingOfTheHill
   PopulationCap   2000
   NumPlayers   2
   Difficulty   basic

You can include following options to map to add following features between "StartDefinition" and "EndDefinition":

Code: Select all

PlayTime <fixed time in minutes>
ForceCoop <Co-op mode cannot be disabled>
CoopMode <Allows to use Co-op option>
Description <As it says>
Author <As it says>
CoopGroup1Positions <Team ID of one player and Team ID for second player in Coop>
CoopGroup2Positions <Team ID of one player and Team ID for second player in Coop>
AttackingTeams <Team IDs of players in Assault Gamemode>

Though, there are 3 special options which have more... options:

Effects - 4 different effects, they can affect gameplay:

Code: Select all

lightning - Thunderstorm, randomly strikes.
soulrain - Drops orange souls. Note: I had some graphic issues about it. I'm not sure was this the actual problem.
dustwind - Wind, tornado comes randomly.
snow - Dropping snow.

Just use it this way, I can't confirm that you can combine:

Code: Select all

Effects lightning

LevelOptions - You can include more options here:

Code: Select all

nohandicap - No Handicap
instantspawnpointcapture - Instant Spawn Capture
trunkportreinforcements <number of darwinians> - Trunkport Reinforcements (Used on maps with trunk ports as reinforcements)
trunkportarmour <number of armours> - Trunkport Armour (Used on maps with trunk ports as armour reinforcements)
nogunturrets - No GunTurrets
attackerreinforcements <powerup> - Attacker Reinforcements (Gives specific powerup as reinforcement, look at InvalidCrates part to see list of them)
defenderreinforcements <powerup> - Defender Reinforcements (Gives specific powerup as reinforcement, look at InvalidCrates part to see list of them)
defenderreinforcementtype - Def. Reinforcement Type (Didn't tried yet.)
attackerreinforcementtype - Att. Reinforcement Type (Didn't tried yet.)
forceradarteammatch - Force Radar Team Match
noradarcontrol - No Radar Control
airstrikecapturezones - Number of Zones for Airstrike (Blitzkrieg)
futurewinianteam <Team ID number> - Futurewinian Team (Yeah, someone who really wanted to become, NOW YOU CAN AFTER 2-3 YEARS and it works)
defendreinforcementoption - Att. Reinforcement Mode (Didn't tried yet.)
attackreinforcementoption - Def. Reinforcement Mode (Didn't tried yet.)

Example how to do it:

Code: Select all

LevelOptions    nohandicap futurewinianteam 1 attackerreinforcements airstrike

InvalidCrates - Use this to disable getting specific powerups listed in here (does not affect retribution!):

Code: Select all

squad                     Squad
harvester                 Harvester
engineer                  Engineer
armour                    Armour
airstrike                 AirStrike
nuke                      Nuke
darwinians                Multiwinians
personalshield            Personal Shield
subversion                Subversion
hotfeet                   Hot Feet
gunturret                 Gun Turret
infection                 Infection
magicalforest             Magical Forest
randomiser                Randomiser
antnest                   Ants Nest
plague                    Plague
eggs                      Eggs
meteor                    Meteor Shower
darkforest                Dark Forest
cratemania                Crate Mania
spawnmania                Spawn Mania
bitzkreig                 Mega Rage (not a typo in "bitzkrieg"!)
rocketwinians             Rocketwinians
rage                      Rage
rocketturret              Rocket Turret
flameturret               Flame Turret
spaceship                 Futurewinians
triffids                  Triffids
napalmstrike              Napalm Strike
slowdown                  Slow Down
speedup                   Speed Up   

More details here (or not...): ... php?t=2890

Undocumented: Here's a simple trick how to get some unreleased/automatic powerups to use when you want to! Use "defenderreinforcements" level option with following powerups:
dropship - Summons Multiwinian reinforcements
infection - Infection Outbreak
magicalforest - Magical Forest
plague - Plague Outbreak
egg - Eggs (fully friendly)
shaman - Shaman (placeable, but not working, don't ask about it!)
fireextinguisher - Fire Extinguisher (Unable to confirm does it work, probably does work)
tank - Tank (Not placeable, don't discuss again why it's not added into game etc.)

All of these powerups (except tank and shaman) can be used everywhere. That explains why you can't use them. However... I'm wondering is it possible to generate powerups on dedicated servers with specific command, just for fun...

Okay, what else... Buildings. Note: Rotation is defined in radians (thanks elexis for noticing that).
In general, if you used Darwinia editor, you should already know few of things in here what is what etc. This is general template how to put building:

Code: Select all

<object> <uniqueid> <x> <z> <team> <rotation x> <rotation y> <global>

I'll put <general template> as that in here for less writing.

I'll include some other objects which you didn't saw in multiwinia, but they still work:
Incubator - Converts souls into multiwnians, no bugs, keeps converting until there's no more souls. How to add it:

Code: Select all

Incubator <general template> <number of souls in it>

ControlTower - Takes control over associated object using engineers.

Code: Select all

ControlTower <general template> <ID of associated object>

Note: Check this for more experiments with Control Towers and Stations: ... php?t=2054
Note 2: ControlStation is same like Tower, but controlled with Multiwinians, as far I remember.

SmokeMarker - Makes smoke.

Code: Select all

SmokeMarker <general template>

EruptionMarker - Makes erruption particle effect, but no damage, active only once.

Code: Select all

EruptionMarker <general template>

JumpPad - throws multiwinians at some point. Check it in Hamburger Hill.

Code: Select all

JumpPad <general template> <power> <rotation>

Note: It might contain 3rd variable, but as far I've seen, no such 3rd variable. Not sure about this one. Experiment before using.

MultiwiniaZone - Main object in KOTH for scores and for other circles in CTS and blitzkrieg and whereever...

Code: Select all

MultiwiniaZone <general template> <radius>

CloneLab - Same like Incubator, but controlled with Multiwinians. Not confirmed does it work.

Code: Select all

CloneLab <general template> <unknown variables>

WallBuster - Destroys walls, but it's unknown how to activate it.

Code: Select all

WallBuster <general template>

Statue - For CTS. Not sure about it, I've rarely used it.

Code: Select all

<general template>

RestrictionZone - Supposed to deny powerup use in specific area.

Code: Select all

RestrictionZone <general template> <radius> <unknown variable>

Some of objects are not in Darwinia, and there might be some problems if you load map with missing stuff in it. If you want to easily put these objects in multiwinia from darwinia editor, make a dummy object and then replace that dummy object with one of those. Otherwise, read threads from top.

Undocumented (and probably some documented) objects with unknown use or no longer available:
Factory, Cave, Bridge, Powerstation, ResearchItem, Library, Generator, PowerSplitter, Mine, Yard, DisplayScreen, UpgradePort, PrimaryUpgrade, SafeArea, SpiritReceiver, SpiritSpawner, SpiritProcessor, BlueprintStore, BlueprintConsole, BlueprintRelay, ScriptTrigger, Spam, GodDish, Refinery, FenceSwitch, DynamicHub, DynamicNode, FeedingTube, ChessPiece, ChessBase, Portal, Crate

I'm not sure about some of these, try to do something. I already know that some of them are from Darwinia still and don't complain that it won't work because of that and that.

You can experiment a lot with new maps and settings. However, some people did something like that, but you never managed to get map or mod... ... php?t=2046 ... php?t=2283 ... php?t=2841

Maps which are available to play: ... php?t=1864 ... php?t=1835 ... php?t=2601 ... php?t=2696 ... php?t=2741 ... php?t=2851 ... php?t=2765 ... php?t=2595 ... php?t=2606 ... php?t=2895

If you ever wondered what's with "Unknown map" on Ladder servers: ... php?t=2605

Before asking anything about tanks, shamans and any unreleased thing: ... php?t=2419 ... php?t=2408 ... php?t=1873

Misc, Mods, etc: ... php?t=2643 ... php?t=2426 ... php?t=1267

Hell, I'm done. I know that game development is dead, but if someone still wants to continue... I can't do any further. Many people have ideas to make maps etc, but hell with that when you don't have good map editor. Now, either try to have some fun with them, or don't. For source code owners... buy source code and leave it there to rust and dust without publishing mods and bugfixes? Your choice, this game is still unique...

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