Fixing Assault for competetive play

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Fixing Assault for competetive play

Postby bert_the_turtle » Tue Apr 27, 2010 3:27 pm

Reading a preview of Frozen Synapse, which features asymmetric attack/defense missions on random maps, gave me an idea to steal. How about we let the players bid on the time limit? Let each player specify a number, stating "If I get to be on the attacking team, this is the amount of time it'll take me to destroy your WMD (and implicitly, if you get to attack, I'll last at least that long)". The players bidding lowest then get to attack. The time limit should be somewhere between the highest bid of the attackers and the lowest bid of the defenders. And that's basically it :) The winner wins.

The idea here is that Assault is mostly an attack driven mode, what the attackers do matters more than what the defenders do. The attackers determine the pace. If they need three waves for that turret cluster and two for the next, they'll take five minutes (plus walking time) and bid that. If another potential attacker thinks he can overpower the first cluster with one wave less, he can bid a minute lower. The attacker with the better plan gets to actually test it. He gets at least the time he thinks it'll take him. The defenders don't need to last longer than they specified they could. All players are in positions they thought they could win, which makes the game fair by definition.

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