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Details Inside
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New Game Mode/mod/something idea

Postby Details Inside » Sun Oct 19, 2008 9:35 pm

This idea came about when i first realised that your only resource is multiwinians, i liked the fact that everyone had a fair chance and it was up to you how to use your army to win.
In other words i liked the simplicity and the strategic capacity that it brings. With this idea i hope that capacity can be enlarged but keep the simplicity.
my idea is to add new units, such as tanks etc., to the game but instead of building factories and such like C&C you transform or "cash in" your multiwinians for a new unit.

This would work by promoting an officer and cycling through the right click command (the one for formation) and selecting tank.
The darwinians would fill in the formation and when the required amount arrive they morph into a tank.
e.g. 20 multwinians (1 spawn wave)= 1 heavy tank
the units could include light tanks (beat infantry), heavy tanks (beat tanks and armour) and the usual armour.

comments, crtitiscism etc. encouraged.

(P.S. I'm new, so HI!)
(P.P.S. Really sorry if i ripped someone's idea off, only took a quick glance at the threads)
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Postby Krion112 » Mon Nov 17, 2008 3:28 am

Not exactly something some player would want, but I'm not on the forums to crush peoples creative spirits =D... I was more think of new power-ups which could add such abilities =D.

For example, they should create the evoloutionary chain: after virii have devoured so many souls (instead of taking them to an egg) they become a centiped with 10 segments, centipedes that get 40 souls will turn into a soul destroyer and so on.....

Or like adding actual aircraft, like the ancient vaccum cleaner Landers, ir arming Space Invaders with laserguns,etc.... but idk, just think what you want, nobody can stop you from coming up with whatever ideas.... they can only suggest... or persuade....
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Postby xander » Mon Nov 17, 2008 6:04 am

Don't bump old threads with irrelevant information. There is already a thread to discuss possible future power-ups, and that thread is actually active (unlike this one, where the original poster is probably already long gone, and the complete lack of replies for almost a month indicates that no one cared much in the first place).


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