Crate Suggestion (purchasable )

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Crate Suggestion (purchasable )

Postby Ban Bot » Sun Sep 14, 2014 6:16 pm

I know I am very late to the show but we (myself and my two boys) just discovered Multiwinia and really, really love it. Thanks for designing such a cool game--we hope there is a sequel someday!

Regarding the crates, which have a love/hate response from reading around, an idea we had was to make the crates "purchasable." There are a lot of ways to do this. The idea we liked best was devoting a spawn point's multiwinian production to the selected crate. e.g. right clock on the spawn and from a "rose menu" select your crate (e.g. Squad for 40, Turret for 80, Nuke for 120, random crate for 100, etc.) Now the spawn point will produce the selected crate instead of multiwinians. This is a risk/reward proposition. Do you have a big enough army to trade 120 multiwinians for a nuke?

Of course with the handicap on players behind in the match would get their crate production ramped up.

Other approaches would be purely time based--e.g. every 1 second you get 1 crate purchase point. Another approach would be spawn points, e.g. 1 second x 'n' spawn points controlled = crate purchase points; OR to flip this on its head have a "rubber band" option that would do crate points by place, so 1st place in a 4 person game would get 1 second x 1/4, 2nd place would get 1 x 1/3, 3rd place 1 x 1/2, and 4th place 1 x 1/1.

We like the crates and having some crates fall on the map makes for some strategical decisions (go for a crate, spawn point, or map objective?) and we liked that you did offer a "weighted" option. But the game would offer a lot more strategy if you could buy the crates so as to deploy your own strategy. e.g. plant some dark forests and then later ignite them right before your big push.

Basically any idea for creating purchasable without a resource to "mine" should work well. :) This could make for more premeditated strategies (e.g. create a couple armor and sneak 200 troops behind enemy lines.)

Thanks again for making such a fun title! The only negative comment about the entire game we have is some more documentation on all the crates, and how to get rid of some of the nuisance items (if at all) can be frustrating at the beginning. Yeah, not much of a criticism :) Thankfully there are some great guides online. Triple kudos for having a handful of maps/modes in the demo and multiplayer. This totally sold us on the game :)
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Re: Crate Suggestion (purchasable )

Postby RonanZer0 » Mon Nov 03, 2014 7:02 pm

Interesting, but EASILY abusable.

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