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Postby Pyr0qvy » Fri Feb 12, 2010 3:38 pm

xander wrote:
Pyr0qvy wrote:
jelco wrote:Without significant control adjustments, no it would not. The standard relative-to-middle method of moving the camera in games like Multiwinia is horrible with absolute control systems like touchscreens and tablets. You'd also want separate controls for the camera and the mouse pointer, some alternative method for right-click, etc.

The only games I can play on my touchscreen are Plants vs Zombies and the like.


Both Iphone and the new and underwhelming ipad can sense one, two, and three finger taps and movements, right click and middle mouse buttons solved

The problem with two-finger-tapping-for-double-clicking in a game like Darwinia is that a double click is meant to be coordinated with a cursor position. So not only do you have to use two fingers, but you have to use them in the correct location. The two-finger-tap is not a good replacement for double clicking in a game. Moreover, that does not address the more substantive complaint, i.e. that the camera's position is adjusted to center on the cursor, which does not work well with an absolute position on the tablet.


double click = double tap
right click = two finger tap
move camera = drag finger
zoom = pinch in/out

and let's not forget about the motion controlls

iPhone/ipad, for the most part, can do anything you can do with a mouse, although moving the camera position might be a bit difficult with the tilt controlls
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Postby GreenRock » Sat Feb 13, 2010 6:59 am

A cool feature would be the screen slowly scrolling up, and your scrambling your darwinians all over the screen, capturing crates, bases, and whatnot. You need to plan ahead, so you make an officer at every spawn point, directing your new troops to wherever, then making a new officer there and so on and so forth. When an enemy appears, you quickly make a formation, and hope not to lose any troops as the screen slowly progresses forward...

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