DEMO Limitations - Advanced Options and AI Difficulty

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Is DEMO limited enough?

Yes, it's limited good enough.
No, I want less DEMO limits!
No, it needs more limits!
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DEMO Limitations - Advanced Options and AI Difficulty

Postby Tom.K » Mon Dec 28, 2009 11:59 am

I've noticed that this current version of Multiwinia 1.3.0 is more limited than 1.0.5 if I play offline (which I was playing due to my slow 56k modem before) because 1.0.5 had advanced options and AI difficulty while 1.3.0 doesn't. So, I suggest that DEMO players can change Advanced Options and AI difficulty in Single and Multiplayer mode (this would be the simplest and easy). If this is too much allowed, then limit advanced settings by following:

AI Type: Easy/Normal (Hard not available)

Score Mode: Zones controlled per second / Zone Population per second
Time Limit: 1 - 30
Handicap: 50%-90%
Crate Drop Period: 0-150
Start Powerups: 0-2
Retribution Mode: Enabled, cannot be disabled
Sudden Death: Enabled, cannot be disabled
Crate drop mode: Weighted / Random
Basic Crates: Disabled

CTS: Same limits as in KOTH

Crate Drop Period: 0-150
Reinforcement Timer: 1-150
Reinforcement Count: 1-50
Max Armour: 1-5
Turret Frequency: 0-5
Max Gun Turrets: 0-2

And if any chances, allow for demo players to allow using map editor, but only for playing it offline and online and without saving it or loading it. And/or, limit map creation by allowing them using only simple stuff, not advanced and allow demo player to save, load and play offline and online. At least demo players will have some fun with making and playing simple levels.
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Postby bert_the_turtle » Mon Dec 28, 2009 9:01 pm

I doubt that it would make sense to soften the limits of what you can do in DEMO mode. If you bought the game, you should have full access to all features (not the map editor, nothing like that has even been publicly released yet) except online play, of course.

Edit: oh, wait, seeing you're the "mix two demos to get a broken game" guy: It's only ten bucks. Buy the thing if you want to play and quit trying to get more for free.

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