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new gamemode, gameplay idea

Posted: Sat Dec 26, 2009 7:18 pm
by StoneCrow
in multiwinia, your troops are your resource and the most important thing to have alot of
just as in other rts gold or metal are the most important thing,

this makes the points from which the multiwinians spawn very important!
but what if this changed, what about if getting souls to the spawn points became just as important?
i have two examples.

1-> for souls to become harvestable, not as a gamemode, but as a mode choice, just tick a box, and gameplay would totally change in domination,
im not suggesting we lose the old darwinian spawners, what im suggesting is that we add to them an ability to recieve extra souls.
and this would not have to complicate gameplay in any way, could just run this way, darwinians would continue to automatically spawn, but souls sitting on the battlefield could be harvested and streamed to the nearest spawn point using some new officer functions.

2-> streaming. domination maps with an even number of spawnpoints, but by linking a captured space gate to an officer, and then that officer to another officer, ect, until he could be linked to one of the spawn points, could bump up/enable the production from that spawnpoint.

my point is that by having an option to enable ---- disable certain new officer functions we could give a bit more variation to gameplay
in a nutshell, the options i would suggest are
selecting an officer and then using action on himself would turn him temporarily into a soul collection station, then he could send these souls to beef up production somewhere, immediately or by linking him to a chain of....
...transmitting officers, by selecting an officer and right clicking on another the sellected officer would begin to transmit souls he is recieving from a collecting officer, to the next officer in the chain, and eventually to a spawn point.

Posted: Sat Dec 26, 2009 9:33 pm
by NeatNit
Interesting ideas. I'd like to mention, though, that collecting souls is already in the game. If you get an engineer or harvester powerup, it collects souls.

The differences between them:
Harvester has a 100 souls limit, while Engineer has something like 10 (more or less).

An engineer could die if it's hit too many times by gernades (when it tries to collect souls in the middle of a battlefield, or it's idling there). The only way for a harvester to die is if it accidentally sucks up one.

Harvesters look cool.

Still, for officers to do it sounds very nice.

Posted: Sun Dec 27, 2009 12:41 am
by bert_the_turtle
How does the resulting gameplay differ significantly from domination? Here, too, you'll need to dominate the area where souls come from to get more multiwinians. You just need to do more complicated stuff to get them.

Posted: Sun Dec 27, 2009 3:16 pm
by StoneCrow
what i was thinking would result would be most definitely unique.
the best way i could describe the effects i think it would have,
is like a cross between the Pc game netstorm, where securing the routes to energy geysers becomes important to keep the advantage in the game
and the PC game Perimiter where if someone knocks out the link in the chain the end of that chain becomes weakened

ofcourse the range of the linkup for officers could not be infinite,
so large resourcing chains would spring up to collect from battlegrounds and far away magical forests, and just like in netstorm and Perimiter, you would have to protect these all important chains because if you lose a link in your chain it would weaken your production,

magical forests would become extremely valuable resouces.

if there was a way to decrease the free spawned darwinians over time, these abilities would become increasingly valuable and something i havent mentioned is that if the chain was broken, the officer just before the break would, i assume, begin to recieve alot of souls, making him an increasingly juicy target.

haha, trying to get my point across in as few words is difficult,

but in a nutshell, this would not improve or worsen general gameplay, but add the option for more variation in gameplay and tactics, these two game options (possibly coupled with dwindling free-spawn darwinians) would...
...especially in longer domination or king of the hill games,
make the battlefield change, players would begin to try to tip flow of the battle by building resourcing chains to boost their army

and in those situations where you are loosing hugely and have just made a last ditch defense and fought off the enemy hordes knowing that they have successfully weakened your army enough to break through if they come again, you could set up a chain to the area where you fought them off and reclaim both your lost men and their attacking men, hugely increasing your strength and putting you back in the game with a serious chance of surviving even longer.

hmm im crap at arguing my point successfully, but i hope ive helped you understand how gameplay would differ

Posted: Tue Apr 13, 2010 3:29 pm
by Teräs Makkara
Awesome idea, i hope this will be added to the game.

Posted: Tue Apr 13, 2010 8:29 pm
by Jordy...
can you believe this noobz? still running around these forums hoping for anything to happen for mw? Get REAL! IV sucks and the leave this magnificant game out there to roth.

Posted: Tue Apr 13, 2010 11:26 pm
by xander
Jordy... wrote:can you believe this noobz? still running around these forums hoping for anything to happen for mw? Get REAL! IV sucks and the leave this magnificant game out there to roth.

If IV is such a horrible company, why do you continue to hang out here? Surely someone of your intelligence and creativity can find something better to do with his time?


Posted: Wed Apr 14, 2010 12:45 am
by Jordy...
I think they lost there indie spirit and now they're running on halfly numbed down. They should recognize this and say to themselfs;

"yeah we had fun, we were naive and we believed in what we said, now we are older and our fighting spirit has lost against the time we no longer are up to be inspiring indie developers instead we're going for the money"

Don't fool yourself, sure you like your independence and that's probably why you're not with one of the big companies yet, but don't say oww we do our own thing and we are indie...
NO, that time is over you're in it for the money, and that ain't bad but just know very few make it like this.

Why don't I leave? Cause I like the people here on these forums, including you ;)

Posted: Fri Apr 23, 2010 11:07 pm
by Major Cooke
While I still have my bitter nitpicks with Jordy, I have to say he does seem to have a bit of what the impression I'm getting from Introversion: Broken promises.

Now I'm not saying they aren't keeping every single one of them, otherwise I doubt they would have been able to come out with Uplink.

What's sad is, Icepick has upped and disappeared from the Introversion without a trace so his patch is never going to come out for Darwinia, and the Multiwinia map editor looks like it's following close behind it.

And the last time someone posted in the future patch forums was October 30th, 2009 by Neatnit. *sigh*