Rumble on Xbox 360 Controller for Windows !

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Rumble on Xbox 360 Controller for Windows !

Postby Shamanamatrix » Thu Oct 02, 2008 8:42 pm

I recently bought an Xbox 360 Controller for Windows and was thrilled at the fact that it worked in Multiwinia. The visual help system in Darwinia was a nice touch also. But my main complaint is the lack of rumble in battle Hotspots !.
The Chatpad driver for use in there operating system (XP/Vista) and any games that are connected to them would be fantastic also but there doesnt seem to be much chance of that as microsoft dont want to listen to the thousands of people that bought it for this function on a standard PC...

Now that INTROVERSION SOFTWARE are working with microsoft, I am hoping they pass this message on...THANX

Ps... I love this game and its future!!!

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