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Postby Shamanamatrix » Thu Oct 02, 2008 9:26 pm

A gravity well or some sort of ground based dark vortex would look awsome!. My inspiration is from the paranoia created by The Large Hadron Collider recently in the news...
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Postby JigsWithoutWoodstock » Thu Oct 02, 2008 9:47 pm

Syphon: Steal some fuel from another person's rocket? (Rocket Race only.)
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Postby jelco » Thu Oct 02, 2008 9:59 pm

Shamanamatrix wrote:A gravity well or some sort of ground based dark vortex would look awsome!. My inspiration is from the paranoia created by The Large Hadron Collider recently in the news...

They've seen the Super Proton Synchroton already, the one that injects particles into the LHC. :P


Couldn't resist. ;)

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Postby Greeba » Tue Oct 07, 2008 9:14 pm

I've got one. The idea stems from my frustration as the Darwinians flee in fear from, well, everything, when if only they stuck to their paths they might have made it (though some will perish along the way). So what if you could imbue your Darwinians with the complete absence of fear?

Taking this one step further, I have another idea; what if, these fearless ass kicking Darwinians were just that? Feeling themselves above the use of demeaning ranged weapons, these deadly warrior heroes stride the battleground killing their enemies hand to hand. For they are...


I'm guessing these badasses would have to be on a timer like with Rage or Subversion, but I'd love to see what they could do; ploughing through Dark Forests without dallying and getting eaten, rushing through airstrike markers without scattering, and surviving because they didn't run away... and beating the bejeezus out of the enemy with a variety of chop socky sound effects when they reach them.

I also recall that someone had a Ninjawinian icon on this forum once. I know because I nicked it to use on my Livejournal. This could be the icon for the powerup.

Whaddya think? I'm slightly afraid that Rage already does the fearless thing making me look a numpty for posting this, but I'm not sure.
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Postby OrR » Sun Oct 12, 2008 5:54 pm

Greeba wrote: ploughing through Dark Forests

Jumping from tree to tree... :shock:
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Postby No_0ne » Sun Oct 12, 2008 6:31 pm

All of your multiwinians start will fire on your officers. It only last for 10 seconds.
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Postby Culex » Mon Oct 13, 2008 8:04 am

I'm giving some Uplink-inspired ideas as well:
  • Revelation: Can be targeted at a field, everything that enters/is in it will get immediately destroyed and the field gets bigger (Works on spawn points, Evilwinians, Futurewinians, Darwinians, armour and what not. Everything but the environment itself)
  • Faith: The only way to stop a revelation field and to restore everything. However, the user of the faith power-up will get everything that was once in it. For example, if there were a spawn point, it's now his, controlled by the player's Darwinians.
  • Revelation_Tracker: Shows which player has a Revelation power-"up"
  • Security: Allows you to create a secured field. Your Darwinians can enter/exit freely, others can't.
  • Password_Breaker: Destroys the security field for the user. If Player1, Player2 and Player3 play. Player1 owns the security field. If Player2 now uses Password_Breaker, Player1 AND Player2 can enter the field, Player3 however is unable to.
    This Powerup requires some time to work.
  • Dictionary_Hacker: Works like the Password_Breaker, but opens the field immediately. However, only in a chance of 1:3
  • File_Copier: Allows you to duplicate a single object (Spawn point, armour, dark forest, ant nest, a single darwinian, ...).
  • Monitor_Bypass: Hides all your units from the other players for a limited amount of time.
  • Active Trace: Forces the game to be exactly 30 seconds long from now, no matter if three minutes or one second are still remaining.
  • Motion Sensor: Alerts you if someone tries to steal one of your spawn points, armours, turrets or tries to break your security field.
  • Gateway Nuke: Resets the game to the start, without modifying the timer.
  • Hacker: All players are given a random amount of random power-ups, some Darwinians get killed, Units owned by no player appear and can get used, ALL Revelation and security fields get completely removed and "fallen" players get back into the game.
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i suggest 4 things

Postby Johnis » Mon Oct 13, 2008 8:48 am

i suggest 2 things
a) remove ants nest crate
b) ants nests breed themselves by souls. no souls - no ants/
c) biological weapn crate destroys ants of an area and works forever till end of game on ants. like a antibug spray
d) destroy all crates crate . a timer starts. when it reaches zero all crates blow up and kills all multiwinians above
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Re: i suggest 4 things

Postby Tricycle21 » Mon Oct 13, 2008 10:24 am

Johnis wrote:a) remove ants nest crate
b) ants nests breed themselves by souls. no souls - no ants/

I think you'd better wait for the next patch release...:P

And sorry for posting no new crate ideas :|
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Postby cde » Mon Oct 13, 2008 11:06 am


Player can place a hovering Sepulveda-head statue/hologram/wireframe on the map, all DGs in an area below it about the size of a big KOTH hill are affected.

They stop whatever they are doing (researching, fighting, being in formation, going where they were ordered, manning turrets, controlling spawn points, carrying statues) and start celebrating by making kites and doing the DW victory dance, reminded of where it all began.

Statue could exist until a certain number of kites are launched, floating upwards with diminishing area of influence until 50 or 100 kites cause it to vanish.

Edit: it could also turn evilwinians good (and randomise resulting DG colours), or get shot at by futurewinians (being their only target until it is gone), since someone will probably ask what these would do under the statue. Not sure if FW fire should be able to damage it, it would be more powerful as an indestructible distraction.

Any virus in the area could also gravitate to the centre of influence, drawn towards the statue & ignoring the DWs.

The hope is that it would derail plans for a minute or two and then leave a whole load of rival DGs, FWs and a pile of virus to suddenly resume the warfare. And yes, this might make an easy target for airstrikes, but then again it could automaticaly give all distracted DGs a personal shield during their celebrations.
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Postby Tricycle21 » Sat Oct 18, 2008 2:19 pm

Subversion_v2.0: works like ordinary subversion, but converted MWs will also have subversion.
too good powerup, I think :oops:
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Postby Pinky » Sun Oct 19, 2008 12:02 am

Revelation: Can be targeted at a field, everything that enters/is in it will get immediately destroyed and the field gets bigger (Works on spawn points, Evilwinians, Futurewinians, Darwinians, armour and what not. Everything but the environment itself)

I think something like this might be fun: you open it, and it selects a Statue capture point statue spawn, Hill, Flag, or spawn at random, and then the following messages appear on screen:

cd usr
delete (removes all MW's inside/controlling that point)
cd log
delete (removes the team affiliation, in the case of Blitzkrieg, for example)
cd sys
delete (removes the point itself)
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Postby darundal » Mon Oct 20, 2008 12:10 am


Causes Multiwinians to "glitch" visually, and makes them lose mobility for a limited time. They can still fire, they are just wholly unable to move.


Causes Multiwinians of a selected player to disappear , and new Multiwinians to spawn if the player controls a spawn point. If they don't then they just start losing Multiwinians randomly.

Man in the Middle

Lets you intercept souls through the distribution lines and redirect them to your spawn, thereby depriving your opponents (and possibly allies!) of reinforcements. Once the crate has been activated, you have 5 seconds to place it somewhere on the soul distribution lines (it does, however, have to be on one of the Junctions on the line), and it redirects any souls that cross that point. It remains active through one spawn period.

Salami Slicing

Affects everyone in play, it reduces the damage done by the lasers of a players Multiwinians each time a laser is fired. Eventually, a player will end up with lasers that do 0% damage. One minute after one of the games players ends up with lasers that do 0% damage, all the other players Multiwinians get Rage, and the person who had reached 0% laser damage gets Personal Shields on all of their Multiwinians. When the Rage/Personal Shields wear off, the effects of this crate wear off. Basically, this crate encourages non-confrontational play until the very end of it's effects.


You see all the orders given by your opponents for a limited time.


Changes the color of the Multiwinians it is used to the color of another player (not their allegiance, however) for a short time. The color is randomly assigned. You can either use it on your own Multiwinians to disguise them for an assault on an enemy position, or you can use it on an enemies Multiwinians to make it more difficult for them to manage them (two opponents are fighting each other on the other side of the map, you use it on one persons Multiwinians making it slightly harder for that person to differentiate and manage his Multiwinians).


Lets you place a minefield on the map, which is visually indicated by a grid over the area. Can be destroyed with explosions (although Multiwinians won't fire on one themselves) or by sending a lone Multiwinian to attempt to traverse the field without a mine being detonated. Multiwinians immediately try to solve a Minesweeper if placed near it. If a Multiwinian successfully traverses the minefield, it deactivates. Detonation of one mine do not cause another to go off.
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Postby Major Cooke » Mon Oct 20, 2008 7:57 am

Here's some cult-like powerups you could try...

Heaven-like (good) crates:

Guardian angels
Selected group of Darwinians who can fire permanent team-converting lasers instead of damaging lasers. One-shot, works on evil and futurewinians. Recognizable by giving off a white glow like Futurewinians.

Exorcistic Knowledge
If in formation, a group of 90 darwinians can lob large amounts of grenades at a very rapid pace to a very long length, controllable by the player. Can also randomize their projectiles so they can shoot airstrike grenades, rockets, nukes, and meteors, all random and based upon the moment the crate is opened. After 30 seconds, they stop firing big projectiles.

Heaven's Agate
Causes all of the opener of the crate's darwinians to teleport to the center of the map, become bubbled in a large radius, and lob 100 darwinians PLUS the current numbers inside the bubble towards every spawn point.

Holy Strife of Pyre
Immediately disintegrates all alienated Darwinians (i.e. futurewinians and evilwinians), and upon death, spawns a random-teamed darwinian, though they cannot be evilwinians/futurewinians. Also destroys ENEMY virii of any kind, including soul destroyers, and give off an enormous bomb sound when it happens too. Sets any nearby enemy darwinians within a certain range on fire. If opened during the Oblivian event when the Tornado is o nthe ground, will disrupt the Tornado by spawning a floating yellow-burning cross of fire that turns into a Darwinian known as The Savior, who will sit on the ground as a healing unit/soul collector, gathers all souls for 2 minutes, and lifts up to Heaven with them floating around him, and during this time, all Darwinians will stop and stare as he ascends into heaven.

The Chosen Ones
Depending on map size and limitations, white darwinians are spawned at random locations. They are persuadable and will join the nearest force who has the most power, but the force must come to them. Upon aligning themselves with the team, they will immediately generate the power of rage/shield upon the entire group ranging from 30-60 seconds. No more than 3 power spikes can be given off. A team of darwinians must convert them for 25 seconds, and act like crates with color rising in a bar to show who is most dominant. If feeling threatened or is too lonely, the Chosenwinian can detonate with the power of a meteor/nuke. Will be closest to the person who opened the crate.

Causes all turrets/armor/ships/eggs to explode, freezes soul destroyers, and makes bad weather stop immediately. Causes all Darwinians to lose their ability to fire for 8 seconds. Any darwinians killed by Soul Destroyers or Dark Forests will act as 10 points of damage against that target. (Trees after accumulating 50 points will set on fire, while soul destroyers take damage normally until they die) and causes them to shed a crapload of souls.

Gates of Heaven
Opens (# of teams) of portals in the sky at random locations, allowing floods of souls to fly down over spawns along with engineers and/or harvesters. The engineers/harvesters will be aligned with the crate opener. Also causes all of the openers spawn points to be filled with Spawn Mania for 15 seconds while the gates stay open until the tree planted as the source is destroyed under each portal.

Causes the nearest occupied spawn point and those within the certain radius to change to your team permanently. Does not work on teams with only 1 spawn point. If none are present, deploys a harvester and a Magical Tree behind your spawn point instead. Useful for those who are about to be terminated, and gives them a second chance, disrupting all attacks against your MW's for 10 seconds so you can recooperate.

Demon crates (some good, some bad)

The Disturbance
Most common-Spawns a ton of virii at the precise location of a random team per each Virii, and can keep spawning for 15 seconds, spawning 5 per second.
Somewhat common-Spawns spiders/centipedes who are rather on steroids...
Uncommon-Explodes a fountain of fire, launching many futurewinians and evilwinians as high as a normal mountain.
Rare-Spawns team-organized Soul Destroyers with regenerative trees. All can be destroyed, but it takes time. The SD's have weaker health, but can regenerate from their ashes and be reborn.
Legendary-Explodes a fountain of fire, launching super-fast grenade-spamming Robotwinians that are colored blood-red with excessively large horns

The Agony
Causes the enemy forces to fire slower, run slower, and max health to be dropped.

Wrath of Drake
Spawns 5 slow spore generators at the edges of the map by fire. They will slowly work their way to the middle of the map, and upon making a pentagram, will cause a tornado of fire to come out of the sky, sucking up Darwinians located in a large radius near it's base and setting them on fire. After being on the ground for 30 seconds, destroys the spore generators and begins to throw nukes and meteors at high speeds to the outer edges of the map that are unaffected by the flaming whirlwind. Causes a lot of lightning to strike the ground as well. After the tornado disperses, begins dropping in random robot/evil/futurewinians who all begin to attack each other and take over all the rest of the spawn points, resulting in loss of all originating teams. To get even, Retribution mode is automatically activated for 5 minutes to allow revenge against the aliens.

To prevent doomsday entirely, several countermeasures are put in place at the beginning of the Spore spawns: more rapid spawning of crates with much higher chances to get one of the following:
-Rocketwinians (are the only ones who can reach the Spores)
-Rocket turrets
-Time Slow
-Personal Shield
-Hot Feet
-Napalm Strike (the fire can travel up and roast the Spores)
-(one in ten chance) Holy Strife of Pyre

If the tornado does appear, there is still hope. If you score Pacifism and/or Pyre, Doomsday will immediately be postponed for another day/time. Once the aliens start pouring in, your last hope is Holy Strife and that SOMEONE opens it. Doesn't matter who. May result in an empty battleground though.

Burning In Hell
Opens a large red portal that fires down an island-sized asteroid that upon impact, shoots flames out across the entire map, causes an earthquake, and instantly kills any darwinians caught within it's range, and anyone not in it's range will be set on fire as the flames pass them.

Should be fun, eh?
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Postby TheRileyDuo » Thu Oct 23, 2008 3:11 am

A assasin that can take out officers. Great for disrupting a chain of GOTO officers. Maybe the Multiwinians could get confused if the Block officer get assasinated. This would have to be a set of assasins, though. The idea would be to try and space out your assasins as long as possible, so that your opponent doesn't catch on. If you take out a bunch of officers all at once, it's a pain. But the threat of an assasin means that players will check their supply lines often.

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