Multiwinia: When every mwg counts

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Multiwinia: When every mwg counts

Postby Cyan. » Sun Jan 25, 2009 9:16 pm

More and more I see that matches are decided in the first few minutes, this is especially the case when they are of equel strenght. One player will get a certain advantage in this first few minutes and will defend and exploit this advantage sufficient enough to win.

This is the reason I created this topic, I hope everyone will share his micro-management skills and tricks in order for even more competitive gameplay and to make more balanced and meaningfull maps when the editor is finally out.

When every mwg counts

In first I thoughed it would never come down to single handling these cute mwg's but now I do atleast in one ocassion. At the start of the game I move, if available, my mwg's to the free spawns near me, after this, while they are moving, I'll pick one mwg at a time and send it to the white spot next to the spawn. This will save some time at starting up the spawn, wich can be 3 seconds or more, plus you don't have extra man waiting doing nothing.
It seems insignificant but it can be usefull to reach certain key-spots first.

Another thing is sniping of a spawn with 3 or yes sometimes even 2 man 8), move these mwg's to the back of the spawn and kill 3 opponents mwg's one at a time. The hardest part will be to manage your guys there undetected and unattacked, but once they are there it can be lethal. Another advantage of using so few man is that your opponent is less likely to see it.

More tips will come I hope when I remember them, I am still training so I am sure I'll find out more things along the way. I know a lot of people don't like me, but pls let that not be a reason to ignore or spam this topic, as it could be beneficial to all of us.
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Postby neo1000 » Mon Jan 26, 2009 11:16 am

Opening moves are crucial in certain duel-maps (DOM, KOTH, CTS) like "Barriers" or "Shrine". Sometimes matches are finished before they even started.

I used only a few MWs to spike spawns AND the movement of my enemy ("Shrine"). I truly believe that this game is about speed and you have to slow you opponent down. Another tip ist to spread your army. I think my opponents often underestimated me and they were surprised what horrible damage a few MWs on a hill can do ("Guardians").
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Postby RagingLion » Thu Mar 12, 2009 4:18 pm

Some interesting ideas above. Had never thought of directing individual mws to the point around a spawn but I can see that that would help.

Well I'll add an extra point though it is probably super obvious to most with a bit of experience. Naturally, when attacking you always want to head round the side of spawn points to the back where they'll be least defended and you can knock 3 mws off the spawn easiest (and hence power it down). So, when defending you want to direct a few mws to cover just in front of the sides of your spawn (anything from 5-15 depending on size of opponents), which will counter attacking mws heading round to the back of your spawn and avoiding the front of the spawn where typically your strongest force might naturally be. Make this move early on and over time the mws will naturally spread out and therefore do a better job of defending. In general they don't need to completely oppose an enemy attack, but at least slow them down so that you can reposition troops before any damage is done. This tactic can save you from attacks which you don't immediately notice because your attention is directed elsewhere.

I'm thinking particularly of 'holy tree' as I write this but it generally applies to most maps. I guess this isn't strictly an opening move strategy but a couple of mws used in this way to repel an early spawn attack can be important.
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Postby Ripfang » Thu Mar 12, 2009 7:29 pm

A tactic that usually pays off for me is to only send a few (3-6 or whatever) guys just close enough to a large group of enemies to get them to shoot. If your lucky one of your guys will toss a grenade right into the mess of enemies. If it works out you only lose that few guys and they lose a whole lot more from the grenade. Assuming that your on an even playing field it should give you a quick advantage.

I've gotten good at picking out just enough guys to capture a point. Usually what I do on big maps is send all my guys out to the far side at once and just pull off groups of 5 as they run. Usually a few of these groups get overwhelmed right off but you end up with more spawn points in the first few minutes.

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