Rocket Riot - why do I find it so hard?!

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Rocket Riot - why do I find it so hard?!

Postby 0beron » Mon Dec 01, 2008 4:02 am

Anyone have any tips on how to play rocket riot? I'm playing the three player map from the demo against a normal AI, and I can't seem to get anywhere - my resources always seem too spread out, but if I focus them anywhere I get overrun elsewhere. If I manage to fuel my rocket, it is damaged by both ai tems until I have to start again. If one of the ai teams fuels a rocket, it seems that the third ai player will leave me to attack it, which takes up valuable reinforcements. Am I missing some basic strategy here, or am I just unlucky?
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Postby Kuth » Mon Dec 01, 2008 9:31 am

Well, one idea is to land some Multiwinians on their islands while they're out securing the fuel islands. Their turrets are usually unmanned (and are open for destruction), and if you're lucky some of your MWs will kill off some of the enemy when they're trying to board the transport.

In the very least it gives you an opportunity to attack their rockets when they're fueled up.

Generally, when you notice your rocket's fuel approaching capacity, start manning the turrets and don't send any more MWs to the islands. If you're good enough with manual control on the turrets, you'll be able to wipe out at least one of the incoming transports before they can put out their MWs.

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