Several simple, "little" questions.

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Several simple, "little" questions.

Postby Damiangage » Thu Aug 13, 2020 6:20 pm

These are several little questions that has accumulated over the course of several battles since I got the game.

I know putting Multiwinians into formations makes them more powerful frontally, but exactly what is it that they do? From what I've personally observed, a squad in formation can stand on a spot and defend it for ages, and it seems they have longer range as well. So they get a defensive boost and a range boost? I've heard something to the effect of the boost decreasing the closer the enemy is, but I haven't been able to confirm that myself. :?

Is there any difference, other than the visual, between Evilinians, Futurewinians and Multiwinians? Like how much damage they do or something? I'd swear the Evilinians seems to do more damage with their lasers, but that may very well just be me imagining things. As for the Futurewinians; I haven't met them yet. (Once, a UFO came and started sucking up Multiwinians, but the game ended before anything else had the chance to happen.)

Is there any way to choose the color of the AI player(s)? I know that only green, red, blue and yellow are "officially" part of the game's storyline, and so I guess it makes sense, from a canon point of view, to only have those colours for the AIs - since controlled by AI commanders are what they are within the storyline of the Darwinia universe itself - but I'd really like to be able to have my pink army go up against a cyan or purple tribe outside of the online mode as well...

As for the storyline - I know Introversion seems to prefer giving little cryptic clues about the backstory and exactly why everyone are fighting and how there came to be blue and yellow Dar(Multi?)winians in their map descriptions rather than giving us the full plot; but are there any plans to "leak" more information about the Multiwiniaverse in the future? And who the hell are dropping those crates, and what are they? :?

Can you use Subversion on Viral units and Evil/Futurewinians? I've never even gotten that power yet. And if you do, do they turn back into ordinary Multiwinians, or do they keep their sprites?

Is there any way to prevent your singleplayer game to show up in the server browser other than waiting for the patch?


What does those *s after the names of the gamemodes mean? (For example "Domination *" or "Rocket Riot ***"). Does it signify how complex/advanced the game mode is, or something?

And exactly what is the difference between the three AI difficuilties?

That's about all of them. Thanks in advance to anyone who wants to help.

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