Patio Covers – Add Life to Your Backyard

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Patio Covers – Add Life to Your Backyard

Postby genemedics » Sat Jan 12, 2019 2:14 am

You may have a great looking backyard, but feel you need more to it. You need something that will help bring out the character and that is where a nice patio cover will come into play. Often times, wood pergolas, wood patios and wood trellises are used interchangeable, but when you think about it, there really is a difference.
The backyard patio can be a setting for a large variety of things, but at the end of the day, it is always a great place to escape to and just relax. When you have family and friends over, the backyard patio will be your ultimate hangout spot, as long as you have proper covering from the sunshine.

What is a Wood Pergola?

A wood pergola is a standalone and it has a lattice style top on it. What this means is that the beams aren’t fully covered and are separated. Many use wood pergolas in order to protect their plants that need shielded from direct sunlight. You can place potted plants under the pergola, or you can easily hang them in a hanging basket from the beams. This is something that will do wonders at adding life to your backyard.

Wood Patio Covers

As for a wood patio cover, those are usually attached to the house. The biggest differences between the wood patio cover and the wood pergola is the fact that the wooden pergola doesn’t require an additional unit – it is a free standing unit, while the wood patio needs to be attached to something, like the side of a house. As a plus, the wood patio can be built with a nice solid patio cover.

Hire a Professional

Unless you are a professional builder, it would be best that you hire a contractor to build the patio cover for you. If you don’t have the tools, equipment and skills needed in order to build something like this, it can get very frustrating. There are many professionals like Royal Covers that specialize in patio covers. Before you go out and hire just any contractor, make sure you take the time to research in order to find the best one that is suitable for the type of work you want. Make sure you check the companies credentials in order to make sure they are fully licensed.

Once you have found the right contractor, you will be on your way to having a nice wood pergola build for you and that right there is going to do wonders at bringing some life to your backyard. On an ending note, while wood patio covers are amazing, you may want to upgrade it and look into Alumawood. Best source to search for is here:

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