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Multiwinia Discord Server

Postby Auios » Fri Nov 11, 2016 12:24 am

Hey guys! I am Auios, one of the founders of what was once the largest Multiwinia steam group named "Multiwinia Group N' Play"
It was a forum based group and I understand that forum activity is not the most inviting medium of setting games up with others. You know what is an inviting medium to use? Instant messaging!
With the advent and rise of Discord and simply being easy to access people can quickly join in our Multiwinia Discord server and play games almost daily.

I founded this Discord server on Saturday, February 20th 2016, 7:19:54 pm EST. The server has done nothing but grow and grow. Not only with players, but with user created content!
We have custom map packs created by people in our own community. Members like Speedy Cat, diiPY, myself, and others have created and contributed content for us to play.
Though we don't always talk about simply Multiwinia, we have off-topic channels and even a politics channel to keep activity up. If you're still an active player of this game I highly recommend joining our Discord server so you can be active with others who are also active.

We have over 60 members, and get about 10 to 20 active members right now.
Join us and make some friends while developing your in-game strategy!

Discord information:


Side notes:
We have recently acquired

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