What a player is experiencing everyday in multiwinia

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What a player is experiencing everyday in multiwinia

Postby Johnis » Sun Oct 03, 2010 11:42 am

For a few days i see an error in most dedicated servers


The game continues like it has a huge LAG. and this message appears again and again stoping the game all the game for seconds.

i am already using port forwording
i have no firewall and is always down

So what is happening is this.
i wait for over half an hour for an opponent to come.
when an opponent apears - we cannot play.

He makes one room
He hosts. (mostly they didn't configured their rooter and port - forwording)
I try to join his game but i cannot.
I cannot also communicate with him and tell to him how to fix his problem.
He is still waiting helpless and lost.
I join another one dedicated server. . . . . etc etc.
i hope this thing to be fixed soon. and a chat or lobby or something would be nice. players cannot communicate in the game

Today i found an opponent and we finally didn't played the game.
Nor me neither he. if the dedicated server's don't work well i cannot see the reason why they still exist. if i have a problem.which i cannot see the problem really because i play games also which needs bigger internet bandwith.
But the lobby is also essensial.

Similar stories happens everyday with everyone. Imagine that this is a very bad thing. 2 people want to play something and they cannot play .
PlZ take some things more seriously.
A game has to have some basic things

1) lobby - chat (BAD)
2) easy access to buy it in many many ways or a nice donation system (Average)
3) gameplay - user friendly (EXCELLENT)
4) No connection erros - No Crashes . (BAD)
5) people to play it (BAD)

OmG simple things.
What we can see here??...
if 1 and 4 are solved. 5 will be obvious!! more people will play.

I see a wonderfull game with great future. And i don't see common brains for god's sake. This game should be played by everybody.
Take this game more seriously plz. Mostly i am applying to INTROVERSION's programmers.
I cannot see even a multiwinia CHAT here or lobby or something to find other players and i am writing in an official site.
Take your games more seriously because you underestimate your work and your effort.
Make a patch do something...... fix the port's problems fix the connection problems.
Multiwinia is not dead.
You kill it everyday. As long you are not concerned. so
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Postby Jordy... » Sun Oct 03, 2010 1:38 pm

Amen. You do know there is a development kit out for Multiwinia right? So if you can program you could make some awesome stuff for Multiwinia and bring it back to life or at least attempt to.
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Postby ChemicalRascal » Mon Oct 04, 2010 3:01 am

Johnis, were you playing under a username starting with g? If so, that opponent may have been none other than myself. I, too, tried to connect to the server that you set up later, but could not.

Onto the actual topic at hand, specifically the idea of the lobby chat - I would think that a simple, purpose-built IRC client sitting underneath the server list would be all that's required. We already know (from Uplink) that a similar thing is possible, where the client simply connects to a hard-coded server and sits on a hard-coded channel (Actually, the server/channel might be specified in a configuration file somewhere... I can't remember, and no net difference). By using an external IRC server, of course, instead of creating a chat system on the metaserver, the load on the metaserver is, of course, minimised, and re-inventing the wheel is avoided. On top of this, a fail-safe is introduced - If the metaserver goes down, the chat will still be up. Furthermore, if people want to lurk and wait for a game, they don't need to run the game. Instead, they could simply boot up a (much smaller footprint) IRC client, and do other (more productive) things with their CPU cycles and RAM.

Also, this would pave the way for a similar thing in DEFCON. Of course, DEFCON's source code hasn't yet been released, so it'd obviously be easier to do this with Multiwinia first.
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Postby Pezmc » Sat Dec 03, 2011 3:32 pm

The above post is an awesome suggestion!
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Postby NeatNit » Sat Dec 03, 2011 5:30 pm

The above post is a horrible bump!

(It's right though)

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