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Map/Game mode idea

Postby NeatNit » Wed Oct 01, 2008 8:33 pm

This is very similar to Domination, but... Well, I'll just explain it.

It's coop, 2 VS 2.

Let's say player 1 and 2 are green, and 3 and 4 are red.
The map is split into 2 sides, no one can ever pass from one side to another.
On one side, players 1 and 3 are against each other like in Domination, each one starts with one spawn point. At first they're supposed to wait for the other side to get started.
Now, on the other side, players 2 and 4 both have spawn trunk ports. Here's the catch - like in that level in Darwinia, souls are coming down from the sky, and the players on that side need to capture the collection devices (name? :S). The souls collected are then sent to the teammate's spawn point(s), and that side can finally start.

Both players rely on each other in a team - one player relies on the other to get an army, and the other needs his teammate to win the game.

Your thaughts please.
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Postby Donat » Wed Oct 01, 2008 8:47 pm

When ever the map editor comes out i'd love to see a map where you have to collect souls for the war effort... Like fighting over rocket-riot, soul collection is a resource. It would be even more interesting if a % of the souls you gather for the war effort are sent back to you to fight for more soul collection.

I think that'd make a nice map... But of course, since the unending war started its really up in the air about what the hell happened to the whole pattern buffing system. It seems that souls are all generated and distributed wirelessly now to the soul sorter (i'm just using replacement words, i'm in no position to look up the real ones right now), all colors, all the time. Its such as if a neutral party has the buffer, or each side has their own buffer.

I would definitely try to make such a map, though i do not know if the game supports such things as if you take in xx souls (i know it records an output for the mission objectives in darwinia) then % of xx souls are spawned at XX place.

Thumbs up on your idea, co-op battle seems interesting thou i think a 4p battle would be interesting too.

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