Creating a game out of a simulation

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Creating a game out of a simulation

Postby halcyonforever » Wed Jun 19, 2013 10:58 pm

I'm a firm believer that there is so much potential in subversion. Here is my stab at suggesting what it needs

You need to have a system of goals that all the missions work towards. Sort of like rpg character building; choose what you want to accomplish so your missions have purpose. Perhaps you want a collection of priceless art; then you get art heists mainly. Want to build a super weapon and take over the world you get more science facilities. Want to mastermind WWIII you get espionage missions. Want enough money to buy a small island you get bank robberies.

Each of those motivations sets a storyline in place with out having a single story that is less dynamic.

In the demo Chris talks about how easy security was to bypass. And in reality it really is. I spent several years designing security for banks and could always see those same glaring holes. The goal was to increase the cost/risk of those actions until they outweigh any rewards. Sure you can go in guns blazing drop the guards and make off with the cash. Some systems like vaults exist just for that reason. You don't expect a vault to last forever. In fact most bank vaults are only TL-30 or even just TL-15. That is they are rated to keep out a professional for only 30 or 15 min respectively. Just long enough for the police to arrive. It's all about risk and reward and the more aggressive the reward the higher the risk becomes. Let them go smash and grab. Bet the next place will install sound sensors and have cops there the moment you pull the trigger.

Will post more when not trying to write on a bouncing bus.
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Postby Jackdapantyrip » Sat Jun 22, 2013 3:37 am

Great post.. There are ways to limit the guns blazing mind set..

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