Interphase (Amiga) by The Assembly Line

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Interphase (Amiga) by The Assembly Line

Postby matbrady » Sun Sep 19, 2010 8:12 am

Subversion looks like a very sophisticated modern-day version of one of my all-time favourite Amiga games: Interphase. ...which I will now rant about. :)

Interphase had you play a "cyber-hacker" flying around in the virtual world of a building's security system. Your mission was to get your girlfriend safely past all the security cameras, locked doors and sentries in the building by manipulating their corresponding virtual constructs- while at the same avoiding all the counter-measure programs.

In short, if you brought up the 2d floor plan of the building (that showed all the cams, bots, doors, and your girlfriend) and saw that she was about to get seen by a security camera, you'd then go back into cyberspace and find where the "program" (red pyramid) of that security camera is and destroy the pyramid to turn it off. Whatever you "turned off" (blew up) you could always turn back on by virtually dragging a copy of the same type of program and bringing it back to the wireframe of where you blew the last one up. All the strange entities floating around and doing things in cyberspace actually had a real-world function that could be manipulated from where you were. So once you'd open a door (by locating and destroying the corresponding green cube) you could then tell your girlfriend it was safe and she'd walk through and keep walking- past all the security cameras you previously switched off. It was enormously satisfying to have all the cyberspace planning pay off by getting your girlfriend safely to the next level. In later levels, with moving sentry bots and multiple tasks that need to be timed, all the while fending off your own trouble in cyberspace with the defense drones, made for a TERRIFIC game!

You can still get it for DOS at the abandonware site, Home of the Underdogs:

Screenshots of it are here:

If there is anyone else that played this game, who is also looking forward to Subversion, I'd be glad to hear from them. :)
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Postby Snall » Sun Sep 19, 2010 8:26 am

Also quasi-links to the old Sega (Not evil NES) Shadowrun...which of course was an awesome game and NEEDS to be re-made not as a STUPID FRIGGIN FPS.

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