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Episode 3 - Megaprocessor

Posted: Thu Feb 04, 2021 4:37 pm
by John
Turing, Babbage, Lovelace - the pioneers of computing knew a thing or two about failure. Nothing ever comes together first time and all three of those giants would have learnt the hard way about picking themselves up, dusting themselves down and having another crack.

Who knows, they may even have been fans of Chris' master failure class - the monthly video series where top indie video game designer, Chris Delay, sits down with top indie video game producer, Mark Morris, and looks at prototype game ideas that never quite had the cahonas to become fully released games.

This month we take a look at Megaprocessor, a 3D electronics sim that lets you turn a NOR gate into 1 bit memory, wire those bits together to form bytes and plumb all that into a clock pulse to generate a 255 counter. Super-sexy, bang, bang, jump-out-your-skin it is not, but if you ever get a hunger to break out your old electronics kit.....

Watch the vid and if you want to play Megaprocessor you can pick it up HERE. You'll also get access to all other prototypes in the series including Space Bots and Order of Magnitude. We ask $5, but all proceeds go to Warchild so dig deeper if you can.

Re: Episode 3 - Megaprocessor

Posted: Sun Feb 07, 2021 2:38 pm
by CdrJ
Thanks for these - they're happy reminders of the conversations I can't have in the pub with my fellow developers at the moment because we're all stuck in different places.