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Postby Trollitito » Sun Sep 01, 2013 9:19 pm

NeatNit wrote:The "which direction to dig" map is a bad idea from the start, I don't care how fun it was to implement - it's cheats for your prisoners.

How? It isn't that hard, i mean, if you see some reports of real prisoners that had dig tunnels to escape, you'll see that they do it in the direction they want. You just have to study your prison, the path needed... Of course making turns here and there make it tricky, but i don't think it's cheats for them.

About the meeting in tunnels, why not? Many of them will try to escape alone, others just try with someone they trust. Of course in-game this is a little bit different, but i don't see a big problem if, let's say, X% of total tunnel diggers find a way to meet and dig together. Since it's faster 2-3-4 digging to escape from a prison, why shouldn't they make a "team"?

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