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Postby arwin » Wed May 27, 2009 9:43 pm

martin wrote:It's not ignorance, at the moment no one but the guys at introversion know what it'll be.

Ah, I see. I just hope it will be single player missions like in darwinia, as I don't like to play online. :wink:
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Postby elena01 » Thu May 28, 2009 8:32 pm

I'm a big spammer.

Edit - and now I'm banned.
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Postby Phelanpt » Thu May 28, 2009 8:39 pm

I'm sure IV appreciates your thanks, random spambot.
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Postby orientalhero » Wed Jun 03, 2009 4:09 pm

martin wrote:Any chance you could do a few renders of various different cities generated in the new system for desktop wallpapers?

I'm currently using the images from Post 12 as a desktop.
Quite a few people have queried me on what it's about.
Cue spiel about procedural City Generator. I usually finish with the big mystery over what the game will actually be about...

I'm now looking at the pyramid image in post 16 as a nice update to the desktop!
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Postby tower » Wed Jun 24, 2009 12:44 am

I would look into the Mount and Blade business model, which is somewhat similar to the Cortex Command someone posted earlier.

You offer a free demo
You state that version 1 (or your final retail version) will cost $XX
You release your first version for a fraction of that, something like $5. Anyone who buys the $5 version gets all of the subsequent updates for free. They've essentially bought the full retail version for $5... when it's released
Every time you add significant features to the game, you release a new version and increase the price, until you hit your target retail version.
The earlier people start paying for the game, the cheaper they get it. They're rewarded for supporting you and investing in your product.

edit: I should add that it worked really well for them. It started off as a fun hobby project for a husband and wife team - I believe they worked full time jobs for the duration of its development. Through supporting their community (mods + fan patches) a lot of the code, design and testing was done out of house. They would later incorporate the best of the ideas into actual releases. With the money they had made from their beta releases, they were eventually able to pay for an in-house development team.

I bought the game for $7 three years ago. It's now going for $29.99 on steam. I don't have any specific numbers, but I believe it's doing quite well.
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Re: What is subversion going to be?

Postby Clive At Five » Tue Sep 08, 2009 5:36 pm

arwin wrote:Sorry for my ignorance, but I have been trying to find out what Subversion is going to be in the end? I mean a strategy game or a simulator (SimCity) or something in between?

Since IV's games are all pretty dark, I doubt it will be a city "simulator" per se. After seeing one of the videos with some projectile-firing robots, I'm leaning towards the idea that it will be some sort of an RTS / invasion / RISK-type game... paired with the city generator, it could have unlimited content!

*squeals like a little girl*

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For want of a deep sandbox to play in...

Postby NerfJihad » Tue Sep 14, 2010 9:57 am

I registered an account to simply state this: It would be a damn shame to waste all that extra geometry with scripted missions.

Basically, I hope to god it's a sandbox game with more depth than carjacking and assault. So many buildings in GTA 4, and you can't even go into 10 of them. None with any potential for exploration. I understand that what my mind produces for ideas is polluted by Dwarf Fortress (a game of unenviable complexity) but I'm really hoping for some serious depth and open-endedness, here.

To illustrate, an example: You have a story mission blinking, but you need some extra money for new gear and stuff, since you just barely pulled off the last one. You decide that a little industrial espionage could be profitable, so you pull open the business news on your in-game web browser. Company X is in dire straits after Company Y managed to get a product identical to theirs to market barely a month after it was announced. Turnabout is fair play, so you steal a recently-announced project and sell it to Company X to buy new gear for the next story mission.

That type of Uplink-style freelancing, not even with the BBS requesting black ops, would give endless replayability (for me and those like me, I guess). I can't stress how much I enjoyed Uplink, simply due to the openness of it. Granted, there was only one right way to do everything, and there wasn't much wiggle room in much of it, but they're computers. Shades of gray don't go over well in binary. This gives a lot more freedom.

Say the Hard-on-crime Mayor is coming up for re-election. He'll channel more money into the police and put your teams in greater risk if he's elected, so you put together a team to sabotage his campaign. Kidnap / harass / replace his speechwriter, declare him legally dead, get him investigated for corruption, funnel his money into the campaign trust of the guy who advocates education instead. After the election is successfully rigged, the time between a security breach and police intervention is lengthened. Enough of this sort of thing, and maybe the police won't trouble your agents at all.

Or maybe you're tired of the private security firms putting the kibosh on your ops. Hire away their agents and get intel on all the buildings that they work for. Better yet, let him keep his job and put him on the payroll as a sleeper agent / spy, taking down the security firm from the inside. Do this enough, and you'll have a whole troupe of expert agents and a whole slew of buildings that don't have any real security anymore.

I realize that these would be difficult to implement in a large-scale production, even harder with a limited workforce, and you guys have both problems in spades. I understand how much sway my thoughts and opinions have, but you can't say that what I described is impossible, or wouldn't make a damn impressive game.

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