The Last Starship - Alpha 10

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The Last Starship - Alpha 10

Postby John » Mon Jun 24, 2024 2:16 pm


= New Episodes:
  • Black Hole Sun - Part 1
  • Black Hole Sun - Part 2
  • Black Hole Sun - Part 3
  • A wolf in Sheeps Clothing - Part 3

= New Tutorials
These are short tutorials and are generally incorporated into the story episodes. But will pop up whenever you are trying to do these things for the first time:
  • Docking Tutorial
  • Mining Tutorial
  • Combat Tutorial
  • Crew transfer Tutorial

= Performance
  • Large improvement to drones when searching for repair works.
  • Reduced the particle density on ships arriving and departing, to help with performance
  • Make FindNearby only look at given layer and given object type if object type given. Helps with drone performance.
  • Calculate incoming quantities of each container only once in TryStoreCargo, improves WorkQueue Update performance.

= Text Input
  • You can now filter any long list of files/saves/ships etc by typing a short word
  • You can now freely move the cursor in a text field and delete characters in any position.
    • 'LEFT' or 'RIGHT' to move the cursor backwards or forwards one character.
    • 'HOME' or 'DOWN' to move the cursor to the beginning of the input.
    • 'END' or 'UP' to move the cursor to the end of the input.
    • 'DEL' now forward deletes text in a text input field.

  • The game mode 'Survival' is now locked until the player completes phase 1 of the stargate
  • The game mode 'Free Roam' is now locked until the player completes the 'Flight Ready' mission in Creative or Survival mode
  • Nb. Both modes can be easily unlocked by editing the preferences.txt file:

    Code: Select all

    UnlockSurvival    true
    UnlockFreeRoam    true
  • Battle Stations button is now available in Tactical mode
  • Changed drone behaviour to look to use any available Drone Bays
  • FTL user interface improved. You can now include other ships after clicking the Prepare Jump button
  • Clicking Prepare Jump from the System Map will now prepare a jump with just that ship, even if another jump is in progress.
  • The OPPOSITION system that sends hostiles to attack the Stargate on a timer has been completely disabled (it sucked)
  • Mining Laser now require to be installed either in a wall (like the guns) or on a piece of scaffold.
  • When installing Mining Lasers they will now auto-rotate to fit the wall/scaffold.
  • Allow to buy/sell entire stack by ctrl clicking.

  • Issue #258: In creative mode, when entering ship name / author name the key strokes execute in the background
  • Issue #259: If you outgun the pirate you can kill the ship leading to a hardlock and game CTD.
  • Issue #260: Docking Tutorial window doesn't go away when you click skip.
  • Issue #261: The Wolf in sheep clothing mission is available to start from the beginning after completing it.
  • Issue #267: Only selected ship rotates to align for jump in creative / survival / free roam.
  • Issue #241: Orders not saved correctly in stargate mode because not copying system id when copying orders.
  • Issue #243: Meteor shower during resin collection phase of tutorial.
  • Issue #277: Scavenger still hails you even if destroyed.
  • Issue #247: Some imported/bought ships will have the crew dying of suffocation.
  • Issue #161: Install order disappearing when closest box of desired item to install is on a track.
  • Issue #233: Netural fighters attacking player when in meteor shower.
  • Issue #229: Turning with thrusters uses engines when another ship is preparing a jump.
  • Issue #231: If a window is open (eg: FTL jump) and you go to tatical mode, tactical mode stops tracking cursor.
  • Issue #279: Docking Port flipped on reloading ship, if placed at top of grid in edit mode.
  • Issue #288: Rescue mission does not fail and disappear if the ship is destroyed.
  • Issue #225: Weapons consoles not activating connected weapons
  • Issue #221: Hostile ship not attacking after some ships jump away
  • Issue #198: Can jump ship when docked with other ship that isn't jumping but ships stay docked.
  • Issue #234: Stargate progress is incorrect.
  • Issue #153: Money duplication glitch when buying ship at shipyard.
  • Fix spelling mistake in the title of the Tech Tree Window: 'RESERACH' -> 'RESEARCH'.
  • Fix window not closing when window close button is pressed.
  • Performance slow down with ships arriving / leaving. Should be better with improvements to particle and layer rendering.
  • Fix flightready mission causing crash when selling original ship and FTL jumping with another ship.
  • Fix camera moving to wrong place when switching out of tactical if ship moved while in tactical.
  • Fix tutorial coming back after skipping tutorial.
  • Preserve ids of layers and objects when restoring a system archive, but still rebase time.
  • Fix crash on loading a rescue mission on a ship that has been archived.
  • Docking tutorial now dismisses itself if the target ship is derelict or non-existent.
  • Track performance in certain situations improved.
  • Fix install FTL objective not completing in flightready mission.

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