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Postby invaderzim48 » Tue Aug 27, 2019 1:53 pm

Through some manner of strange nostalgia I find myself on familiar digital shores once more. Heh that took time and effort from a CS major you'd all had better appreciate it.

I'm not sure what compels me to come here and write this today, but I do know that IV played a direct role in my life ever since I found that green boxed copy of Darwinia. Before I even had internet access at home I can remember staying late after elementary school (I guess you guy's would call it primary?) endlessly browsing these forums desperately trying to find out everything I could on Darwinia and how to use that damn level editor, or trying to figure out just what in the hell was Uplink all about. The school I went to had dial-up still and I can vividly remember 'downloading' Uplink a piece at a time and saving it onto a tiny usb drive; I think it took me a straight week to pirate it (I own it now legitimately of course :wink: ).

Uplink and Darwinia and later Multiwinia's set dressing fascinated me. I attribute my current IT career to them, those games sparked my curiosity about the machine I was playing them on, of course (much to my infinite disappointment) there aren't little stick figures fighting a battle to the death inside each machine, but nonetheless, they are directly responsible for my interest in computers at such a young age which eventually led to the career I now have. I will forever hold out hope for a darwinia 2, or a Multiwinia level editor, even if my own attempts to create such with the source code proved fruitless.

Once again thanks, I owe IV a debt of gratitude, and $20 for that pirated copy of uplink.

P.S. The key-chain and poster were a nice touch.

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