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Please fix this

Postby theste123 » Thu Nov 16, 2017 11:34 am

:D **** I am dyslexic so I am sorry for any bad grammar or spelling ****

I bought Prison architect from steam and I even upgraded to get my name in the game. To get my name into the game you need to create a forum account to get access to the Introversion website.

A couple year later (Now) I needed to change my password and email because things have changed and I to keep everything the same. When doing this I make a mistake and enter my email or something. I decided to write an email to the support team and to get this all sorted and explain all this. I have my steam keys etc for proof. I also forgot my username.

Simple, Yes? NO! He started off by saying -

Will replied:
Could not find forum user with email address ***

To register for one look here: ... ur-account

WIll Morris

I reword my message and went into my detail and this is the reply -

Will replied:
Account name: TheSt
I'm having a problem finding you in the database. Can you let me know the email address you used to order the game (this is probably your PayPal email address). If you don't know this I need to know whether you used PayPal or sage pay (credit card), the rough time frame for the transaction and the full name on the account.

If you know the email used, it may be quicker for you to have your links resent to you by using this form: ... cover.html

If you purchased from Steam you will need to contact them directly as we do not have access to their systems.


I did not really look at this email that well before sending another email. I did not notice that he put the email I was asking him to search and an Account Name - TheSt? (I will get back to this in a minute). He still said he could not find me in the database, so reply to this like the last two time. I stated that I did get the game from steam but that is nothing to do with the forum account. You might be able to guess his next reply -

If you purchased from Steam you will need to contact them directly as we do not have access to their systems.


YEP! Anyway communication stopped there and he did not reply to my last email. So I create a new account to see if I could find my account. I search my normal username but could not find it, so I left it for a couple of days. I decided to give it one more go and I used the “Name In Game” database and I found my character -

“BEGIN prisoner
FirstName "Stephen"
NickName "Ste"
LastName "Mottershead"
DoB "1990.07.16"
Bio "Kill someone for not replying to a email."
BodyType "4"
BodyScale "1"
HeadType "32"
SkinColour "0xf9c689ff"
Id "314196"
Gender "Male"

This gives you an ID. Does this link to your forum account? YES IT DOES! My username is “TheSte”. I did search “theste” on the forum but not “TheSte”, Whoops.

Now going back to one of the emails. When he search of “***” he gave me an “Account Name: TheSt”, So he did find my account (I am guessing the missing “e” was a typo). I did not know my username and my email is theste but lowercase. My guess is that he found my account.

So I tried to log in and account is inactive and I am guessing this because of my email or something. I sent an email yesterday and no reply (he replied to another fake email sent at the same time to see if he was ignoring me).


Kind Regards,

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