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Re: Anyone for a Game?

Postby xander » Sat Sep 13, 2014 3:31 am

Xocrates wrote:I can [use] Eccleston's "rubber-band" tactic as used in the 1964 Mornington Crescent Anglo-Norse cup in Helsinki...

Oh, come on! You know that those results were overturned by the West European Mornington Crescent Gaming Commission the following year! Only the Soviets held those plays to be valid, and the Soviet Union dissolved more than 20 years ago! That's hardly a fair play!

Of course, we seem to be stuck with it, now (thanks to a 2003 ruling that, in my opinion, was *extremely* ill-advised), though I will be taking this up with the committee when the game is over.

I'll cash in my remaining tokens for a Concord ticket (as per the 1993 "Treatise on Air Travel") and fly to New York.

Mornington Crescent in 4.


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