Mac Vs Windows - The Epic Debate

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Postby bert_the_turtle » Tue Jul 22, 2008 11:14 am

NeoThermic wrote:Plus the distcc boxes don't need to be up 24/7, you just turn them on when you want to do a huge number of packages. Who doesn't have several boxes in their house anyway? ;)
Every box has a certain purpose that makes it hard to dedicate it to compilation for any useful amount of time. The VDR box also is weak (300 MHz, 128 Mbyte), it's underclocked to make cooling more silent, and compiling, say, QT on it would cause swap mayhem and maybe even give the video recordings trouble. The sort of uber powerful PC is still needed in XP bootery often enough. My laptop is a P4M (it was cheap) and gets annoyingly hot and loud under load. My wife's laptop is a Powerbook, and I really can't be bothered to set up a cross compilation environment (plus, it also gets hot). On the "convenience and Wife Acceptance Factor"/"usefulness for distcc or chroot help" graph, each of those boxes lies in the lower right quadrant.

Not to mention that all of the suggested fixes consume MY time as well, and I'd rather install a system that just works and do something productive with it. I just don't see a benefit of running Gentoo any more, apart from bragging rights.
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Postby Dover » Tue Jul 22, 2008 9:28 pm

jelco the galactaboy wrote:
No. Why? One word: Ubuntu.


look, ubuntu may be the easiest installable linux distribution. that by far doesn't make it as easy as a mac though. buy it, open the box and it's all there, including all the most important software. chances are you don't have to reinstall it even once. i don't say, that mac absolutely is the user- friendliest though. it's just the friendliest in terms of maintenance and that was the killer- argument for me. plus, as a student, i got it much cheaper and so the difference to a pc- notebook wasn't big anymore.

zanzer wrote:For linux, my choice falls on Gentoo - a beast to set up, but you only have to do it once, as opposed to constantly.

gentoo would actually be my choice as well, out of the exact same reason you gave. the only thing you have to remember using it: NEVER change a running system ;-). i don't quite get your quote and what you want to say with it though.

tabasco boy wrote:Because Apple is even more expensive and just as proprietary as Windows, won't let me build my own system, and is poorly supported by software developers. If Apple dominated the market, there is every reason to believe they would be just as heavy-handed as MS, if not much worse.

just as proprietary? well i guess, it's even more proprietary. it's possible to run alot of unix programs on it tough, which makes it a bit more open on the other hand. poorly supported by devs? nah, i wouldn't say that. there are lots of great apps for mac. often, the choice between the apps for a specific task is smaller, but the ones you CAN choose are even better than what you get on windows (especially in terms of the GUI). certainly there is less freeware tough. but that's what makes macs for developers more attractive actually: more market- holes to fit in and probably a lower percentage of piracy in the target- group.
in your last point i agree with you though: apple is actually much worse in binding the customer to them. i really wouldn't want them to dominate the market. the way it is right now is alright i think: apple being kindof the underdog in the homecomputer- market which drives their innovative forces, that certainly are there. i'm far from being a fanboy though.
there are things inside apple and inside os X that drive me nuts. but aren't there in every system?

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